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Ya I realize its been months since anyones posted in this section, lol, but I just started playing BF2142 again and this time I'm a little more into it so I bought Northern Strike at EA Store.

So Download managers downloading it, but then out of nowhere it says "installed".  WTF?  I try to join a NS server, tells me I need to buy NS, I repatch to 1.5, tells me I need to download NS again. 

I searched but couldnt find a thread on this.  Is there a solution anywhere?  BTW thanks if you happen to see this, haha.  This section is dead.
I had a lot of trouble with it too but finally got it worked out.

Turns out I was logging into the online account with the wrong name, you have to make sure you log in with the EXACT name you signed up with/use

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