Howdy folks, Flames here, or FlamesMakeItFaster, as I'm known while kicking some butt around the battlefield

I've belonged to a few different clans in my days: =Pow= and =K2= probably being the most known, and admined for them as well.
Both clans ended up dropping there battlefield servers though, and I've been kinda stuck in limbo, bouncing around from server to server.

I finally decided, after all these years, to create my own server. Fair rules, and a fun environment. Cloud 9 is a song I know of, and I though it'd make a pretty neat server name.....

At any rate, I know there's a few people out there I've played with over the years, and I'd like to invite new and old friends alike to come play on my server. I'm running special forces, and playing Ghost Town, Iron Gator, and Warlord. There's no camping, and ff is off.
We're an LA based server, so all you USA'ers will get excellent pings.

I'm working on getting a clan website going as well here pretty soon.

Hope to see some of you soon !

=C9= Flames

Cloud 9 : :16567