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can anyone help me?
i just got a new PC and its being gay.
i figured out how to get my router working on it, so i go to install the router. then, the PC restarts, im like, oh fuck, PC restart, nvm.
then, ffs, it gets to just before the screen where there is a loading bar and the Windows XP 64bit edition screen, the screen stays black, but the PC stays on.
i have no clue what in fucks name is wrong with this, but any help is appreciated!

Thanks alot,

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Reformat your whole pc install fresh versions of windows :-)
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then how are you talking to us right now ?

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This sounds more like a software problem then a hardware, i would too suggest reformat
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i have that every 1 in yen loads, it is hardware as i restalled windows and it still does it. the only constant i have since it started doing it is my mobo and cpu, everything else is new. i just press reset button and it loads the second time.
When you guys ask for help for your PC problems please include usefull info like, what brand of computer you have, what brand and series of hardware you have, new or used, and if new how long you've had it.  K'THANKS.

For all I know you couldn't even HAVE A 64 BIT PROCESSOR.

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lol, that'd be the funniest part

but seriously, try downclocking everything (which means just CPU and mem) in BIOS or reset the CMOS and then start up.
ok, well, its a properly new PC, its not a brand really, its all custom, Tsunami Dream case, 4GB DDR Ram, Dual 7800GTX at 256MB each, Dual Core 4.8GHz 64 AMD processor. 600GB Hard Drive Memory and so on.

ill try downclocking everythin, hopefully that'll work.

i meen, its loaded up fine before, it just restarted and broke. the power cable isnt very reliable, if it moves or slips a tiny bit, the PC restarts or shuts down. its very annoying
nope, still hasnt fixed it

if possible, could you give me a walkthrough of wat to do on the BIOS screen? ive downclocked the overclocking of the ram and memory and so on.

by the way, im on my old PC talking to you, got 2 screens for new PC

How do you have a 4.8GHz Dual Core AMD processor? You would have to attach an overclock job like that to a freezer. Oh. You can't take an Athlon X2 2.4GHz and just call it a 4.8GHz. That's not how it works.

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I could have just put this in as an edit to my last post, but I'm lazy.

Your stats, as I see them, are as such:

CPU: 2.4GHz (assuming no overclock) AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 4GB DDR RAM (unknown mfg/model/DIMM #'s)
Motherboard: ??? (unknown mfg/model)
Video: 2x 256MB 7800GTX (unknown mfg)
Storage: 600GB HD space (unknown mfg/model; probably two 300GB drives)
Power Supply: ??? (unknown mfg/model)

Sounds like you have a variety of issues, and people can be quick to blame it on a Windows installation. You mentioned something about the cord. Try replacing that. You should also determine whether or not your power supply can drive everything you're putting on it. If it's a 450W, you're probably putting too much strain on it.

If the issue isn't resolved, remove the router and try starting again. If that fixes it, your computer might not like the router, or you're using the incorrect drivers for it, particularly if you're using active management software. Remember, this is Windows XP 64.

Find out what kind of motherboard you have. Then go to the company's site and download the manual (probably in PDF format, which you read with Adobe Acrobat) and the latest set of BIOS flash. Do what you can to tweak your BIOS to get things working. You should reset everything to default settings and get your timings RIGHT. Particularly your memory timings, which can screw things up. To get memory timing (CAS w-x-y-z), you'll need to know exactly what kind of memory it is, and then go to the mfg's site (if the timings aren't on one of the DIMM's heat chassis) to find its design timings. And make sure all of your memory is identical. You don't want, for example, a pair that say 1.1 on them while the other pair says 1.2. While it may not hurt, I don't like to gamble. Particularly if you're going to overclock them back up at some point.


Edit: Sorry if I included "for noobs" information, but I like to be thorough in situations where I don't have a crystal-clear knowledge of someone else's technical understanding.

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lol, sorry, i havent got much clue, my MoBo is an nVidia Asus A8N-SLI premium.
also, my power supply is 650W.
well, i think im gna try reformating. also, its got nothing to do with my router, thats the first thing i tried removing the router and rebooting, did nowt .
yes re-format is the best option, get nortons goback after u reformat it

Nephilim wrote:

lol, sorry, i havent got much clue, my MoBo is an nVidia Asus A8N-SLI premium.
also, my power supply is 650W.
well, i think im gna try reformating. also, its got nothing to do with my router, thats the first thing i tried removing the router and rebooting, did nowt .
Having 4 DIMM's on the A8N-SLI Premium has been known to cause some problems, but should be workable (though not the best idea for speed). If it's two you have, like a pair of Corsair 3500LL Pros, then you should be fine for memory. Try running some software such as memtest86, which can be found on a Google search, along with simple instructions. You can make a boot CD with it and test your memory free of OS influence, to see whether or not it comes up with any errors. You really shouldn't get any.

Knowing that the PSU is 650W is only half of the story. You should see what manufacturer put it out, and search the net for support info (and reviews), to see if it's a common dud.

If you have a spare hard drive lying around, try a fresh install of Windows on that before you reformat. If that works, then you've pretty much narrowed it down to a bad installation or a bad hard drive. A reformat of the "problem" drive, followed by a reinstall will determine which it is (installation/drive). Of course, the shortcut would be just skip all that and format your drive...but it won't help you if the drive is failing.

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