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From: "*ABC*DimmisMC" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 7:21 AM
Subject: A very important question about the CB website & database

Dear sirs,

I'd like to ask you one question regarding the administration of your website and I'd really appreciate for a quick and honest answer as there
is a pending conflict for my clan ([url][/url]) on the CON16 ladder and I'm really confused about some facts! I didn't want to involve and contact with our ladder supervisor (Phoenix) yet, before I can have a decent answer from you!

My question is quite simple...

Who has got access to the database (MySQL or whatever) on your website? (nickname & mail contact)

It's very important to know that before I make my report for this ([url][/url]) match conflict, since I believe that a big fiasco is about to revealed with evidence enough to show you that someone want my clan dead and I'm 100% sure that the opponent conflict clan Renegates.bf2 has got nothing to do with that!!!

Thanks in advance for your forthcoming quick and honest reply to my apply!

Kind regards,

Athens Battlefield Clan Leader

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 19:13:46 +0300, Dussander <[email protected]> wrote:


Thank you for your e-mail, but I'm afraid I would/could not give out that kind of information to the public under any circumstances. Any database information the crew collects/views has already been coded for us. Sorry I couldn't be of help.

With regards,
Chief of Ladders
Game committee leader

From: "*ABC*DimmisMC" <[email protected]>
To: "Dussander" <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 5:34 PM
Subject: Re: A very important question about the CB website & database

Ok, I can undrestand that!

Then I guess you can give me an answer to this question...

Is it possible someone to change your GUID without changing the last update date on it (this means that nobody hacked my account)? Who, and how? The reason I'm asking is because if this is not possible, then I'm afraid that I've been a member and also a Clanleader on the Clanbase who had played for more than 2 years now (and more than 50 official clanwars) with an invalid GUID and none has ever discovered yet... Not even the 2 ladder supervisors on my previous match conficts ([url][/url]) in these two years, despite the fact that one of those match coflict was about a GUID issue!

Funny thing right?

Dear sir... I'm 31 years old (which means that I'm a mature guy) and I'm so disappointed for this thing! I haven't talk in private with my ladder supervisor yet (because it's not allowed according to your rules) and although I've got proofs enough to show you that someone else has changed
our GUID's, I'm not sure if I must do it (I guess you know what that means to the CB community, if everybody knows that someone has got access on this kind of stuff and do whatever he wants, or even he has told to do)...

What do you think about?

And one last think, I'd like to mention... I dont care about this match confict itself, but I worry about what might happend the next time I'll have to face the same situation! If this will become true again, then what is the point of playing on a ladder when someone can steal you so easily? :-(

Kind regards,
Athens Battlefield Clan Leader

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 20:07:57 +0300, Dussander <[email protected]>

With every GUID change a reason must be given for the change, which will provide an update date. Only a few, trusted admins can remove this log. Again - with GUID changes, only your account and a few admins can change your GUID. The only circumstance in which we'll change a GUID is when someone has proven that you are using their real GUID.

If that just leaves someone altering your accounts, I recommend increasing security - change your password and add more difficult characters (i.e. !?"%); change your e-mail address and do not use persistant log-in.

With regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: "*ABC*DimmisMC" <[email protected]>
To: "Dussander" <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: A very important question about the CB website & database

Well Dussander,

I'm afraid I'm not that satisfied with your answer as what you told me and I can undrestand is that someone has hacked not only mine, but also Makis1976 account at the same time and all we can do is to change our passwords, but still some admins (few of them as you said) may change it once again in the future! This is a great idea m8... thanks!

If this is your final and only solution to my questions, then I'm sure that everybody would love to read this things you wrote me, attached of course with plenty more of my screenshots where the truth is so obvious! I'm going to make sure that everybody will face the truth of these facts (even by spamming on every single forum of the international BF2 community) and then... tomorrow we will play our last clanwar in Clanbase and after that I will delete my clan from Clanbase and move on some other competition league where such things does not happends so easily (on admins side)!!!

One more think to consider about me in person is my relations with BF2, Greece and EA Games/Hellas and you'll soon find out who I really am!

Thank you for your precious time you gave me on this issue and shame on me that I DID and WILL debate your website admins reliability!

------- Forwarded message -------
From: Dussander <[email protected]>
To: *ABC*DimmisMC <[email protected]>
Cc: Bleah <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: A very important question about the CB website & database
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 23:20:06 +0300


I don't really understand your reaction or why you're not satisfied with the other e-mails. I seriously doubt that anyone from the admin team has purposely been fooling around with your accounts. I can only suggest you go to someone else who might be able to help you more. If you have a complaint against me or someone else from the crew then you can e-mail our crew management head - [email][email protected][/email]

------- Forwarded message -------
From: *ABC*DimmisMC <[email protected]>
To: [email][email protected][/email]
Subject: Fwd: Re: A very important question about the CB website & database
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 00:01:39 +0300

Dear sir...

All I had to say has already been said as wroten below!

Please read careful and all the necessary files (screenshots, logs) will be provided on your request!

Kind regards
*ABC* DimmisMC
Athens Battlefield Clan Leader
So in shorten words this is what this post is all about:

- I am 31 years old and it happends to be the clanleader of Athens Battlefield Clan.

- Me and my clan are really enjoy playing on a competive and fair ladder as the one that Clanbase Conquest 16 Ladder thought it would be!

- My clan has played in 57 official clanwars in this Clanbase Ladder since 05th of March 2006!

- I've played in more than 50 clanwars in this Ladder.

- I have always been fair and always have been played by this ladder rules!

- My clan is the most active clan in this ladder, as well as the clan with the most wins on this ladder right now!

- My clan reputation (as voted by our opponents in the past) can be found [url=]here[/url].

- On our challenging notes ([url=]example[/url]), we always remind and request from our opponents to have correctly fullfilled their players GUID's.

- I checked in person our players GUID's on 08th of July 2007 since a new member (delp12) was added on our clan! ([url=]Clanbase log[/url])

- On 10th of July 2007 we played against a clan named Renegates.bf2... ([url=]Clanbase War Info Page[/url]) We won this match by 359-114... And then the major problem came up...

- On 13th of July 2007 our opponent (Renegates.bf2) discovered that me and one of my clanm8s had played with invalid GUID on that clanwar!

- I tried to figure out what the f*** was going wrong and so I tried to contact with the Clanbase admins (as you read above)

- No descent answer came up by the admins on time and also my clan lost by forfeit this clanwar which was costed -120 points on the ladder (according to the violations of CB rules).

- The ladder supervisor [url=]Phoenix[/url] who was incharge for this match confict violated some of the Clanbase rules himself regarding the conflict procedures, which they can be found [url=]here[/url] (VIOLATED RULES: 17.4, 17.6, 17.12, 17.16).

Funny things to consider about:

- Nobody had ever checked my GUID before! Not even our opponents who I was in conflict with for the same GUID issue against them, not even the two different ladder supervisors who had been in charge on  my previous cases (st3f4n, June 28th 2006 &  Angel, June 10th 2006)!

- According to CB admins, my account was hacked but the hacker had the ability to change only my GUID leaving intact everything else on my clan webpages of CB! Also the hacker had the ability to change my GUID but somehow he managed to change it without changing the last update date and the reason for changing it!

- Although I had all the evidence I needed to proove my innocence, nobody (admin) asked them!

And as a result:

- I'd like to inform all the BF2 community who like to be in a fair and competive league that Clanbase stuff don't give a **** about fairplay! Instead of that, they do prefer to hack your own account for someone else intrest!

- Me and my clan refuse to play anymore on a such corrupted league where admins can not guarantee us fair play!

And finally some proofs:

[url=]BF2 Server Log against Renegates[/url]

[url=]Some older BF2 Server Log[/url]
(From these two logs you can see that my PB_GUID is the same as it was some months before)

[url=]Screenshot 1[/url] - [url=]Screenshot 2[/url]
(on this screenshot you can see that we like to use freelancers players with server admin status on our teamspeak server and of course we force them to use the same nicknames as ours)

(Finally the best screenshot I ever had the chance to take is this... 08th of July - *ABC* GUID's)

Thank you all for reading this post and please excuse my poor English! I really enjoy reading such a fiasco news from the BF2 community, although it cost me much of my precious time! Don't you?
I do it for the lulz.
Le fuck?

RedTwizzler wrote:

Ban™ is a trademark of the Bannadictus© Society®.
+1,055|5491|Baarn, The Netherlands

Pardon the imbeciles above that can't get past 16 bytes of text.

Have you researched if any Renegate clan member has any ties to ClanBase, sounds like you got fucked over badly by a ClanBase staff member.
...a single cough is heard from the back row.
Le fuck?

Bernadictus wrote:

Pardon the imbeciles above that can't get past 16 bytes of text.

Have you researched if any Renegate clan member has any ties to ClanBase, sounds like you got fucked over badly by a ClanBase staff member.
Yeah, well... I don't like your pants.
Use the bumper, that's what its for!
+103|5347|Lexington, Kentucky
Very interesting. But sadly I don't play anything Clanbase.

Just sounds like either bad security, good crackers, or a dickwad admin.

Undetected_Killer wrote:

RedTwizzler wrote:

+354|5013|Basel, Switzerland
Say wat!?
We used to play clanbase. Then realised the points system was complete bollocks and had stupid ass penalties. So we quit.
international welder....Douchebag Dude, <3 ur mom
+257|5281|Milkystania, yurop

geNius wrote:

...a single cough is heard from the back row.
U made me lolz

and to our dude from greece fuck CB-!
Beep bep.
+85|5125|Stealth on Grand Bazaar
I used to play in a BF2 Clanbase league for Infantry Only a while back. Another admin for a 2142 clan informed me of the dealings of Clanbase Admins which allowed clans with known hackers in them to stack the rankings, so they remained in the top 2 continually. Clanbase did nothing about this. I did read your entire post, and I think that if competitive gaming is going to continue, Clanbase seriously need to think about their existing security measures in order to maintain a wide range of clans supporting these competitions.

Clearly there has been foul play here and they seem to ignore the fact that you've suffered for it. I'm glad I came out of clanbase 5-6 months ago.

im 34 and i'm not mature
aka [DBS]Mitch92uK
+192|4990|United Kingdom
Shit man .. unlucky, gotta say our clan's had some shit from cb .... matches we lost due to opposition moving titans so missiles couldn't hit for the admins to turn around and simple tell the other clan "don't do it again" ...
Clanbase just sucks big time.

We play in the Infantry ladder but it seems that CB is just a paradise for cheaters.
We got some proof from some aim-bot users,wall hackers,name tag hackers etc.

Some friendly clans had also proof of other cheaters and what does CB do...nothing.
If you show some proof you never hear the admins of CB back. Or the cheater is some friend of the admin (they told us just like that)

Now we just play 1 or 2 times in a month after all these incidents...

So it's better you don't join CB
Considering the head BF2 Admin recently got busted for hacks, I wouldnt be suprised with bullshit-ness from clanbase.
iz me!

Clanbase as a website is shit and outdated. No suprises if its easily hackable.

I'm also surpised at the response from CB admins after providing so much evidense- its clear somethings getting wrong somewhere.
Enemy Wheelbarrow Spotted..!!
+736|5320|Area 51
I feel your pain my clan, used to be quiet active around Clanbase too and also the EU Conq 16 ladder. Then we played a match against an opponent but failed to have the right GUID's or something. But we didnt know, so we scrimed them and won big time, so we were all happy because they were at #12 at the time and we at #25 or so. Guess what they did? COMPLAINED THAT WE USED PEOPLE FROM OTHER CLANS ETC, AND OUR GUIDS WEREN'T VALID. WTF! So they started complaining to the Clanbase admins, well usually a clan has to report this before a match else they will have agreed to match rules and a loss means a loss. Even so, Clanbase admins are totally shit and only care about high ranking clans and so they punished us, IGNORED OUR VICTORY AND GAVE US A LOSS. Whaaam! -120 points, back to place #60 or so. Conclusion, Clanbase is shit.

Btw, I remember scrimming your clan, I think we lost by like 3 6 tickets

Even though, I just found out..I knived you during that match

Last edited by RDMC (2007-12-06 09:46:17)

Every league website like Clanbase an ESL is full of teams that try all they can to get you rulefucked only when they have lost:
-wrong GUIDs
-new players
-temp. players
-bad server settings.

I really feel your pain, Dimmis.

Last edited by Axatar (2008-07-30 16:57:21)

Should have ducked
+394|5241|Ham Lake, MN (Fucking Cold)

Axatar wrote:

Every league website like Clanbase an ESL is full of teams that try all they can to get you rulefucked only when they have lost:
-wrong GUIDs
-new players
-temp. players
-bad server settings.

I really feel your pain, Dimmis.
Why did you revive a ! yr old thread, that was last posted on 7mo ago?
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