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Who are your top 3 vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and otherers (whatever ) alive? And why?

And I mean people with actual skill, not just good music. People who can sing, not just scream and shout and rhyme words. People who can do more than repetetive power chord riffs.

All of mine are in no particular order.

1) Serj Tankian of System of a Down (his key is amazing, and speed announciation)
2) Kelly Clarkson of Kelly Clarkson (don't like her music but damn, she can sing)
3) Tom Morello of The Nightwatchman (best alto I've heard)

1) Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine (his unique, distinctive, revolutionary synthesizing methods, simply amazing)
2) Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen (unarguable)
3) Angus Young of AC/DC (50 years old, but still wonderful)

1) Matt Freeman of Rancid (finger work, just wow)
2) Michael Balzary of Red Hot Chilli Peppers (this guy alone is like bass on crack)
3) John Myung of Dream Theater (off the literal scale skills)

1) Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater (the speeeeeed omgsplosion)
2) John Otto of Limp Bizkit (normally offbeat loops that blend in)
3) Neil Peart of Rush (revolutionary drumming methods and speed)

1) Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater (Keyboard/Continuum - amazing fingerwork, speed and precision)
2) Lior Dimant of Limp Bizkit (Turntables - brilliant live DJ'ing and mixing)
3) Afrika Bambaataa of Zulu Nation/Solo (Turntables - skilled mixing and pioneer of hip hop)
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ok,nice idea,im with ya...
but my list will contain some unknown german stuff   

1) Lemmy of Motoerhead (the only golden throat)
2) Joey Ramone of The Ramones (for his touching last album"Don't Worry About Me"...)
3) Sven Regener of Element of Crime (man what a mood he creates...)

1) Dave Dederer of the Presidents of the United States of America (for variations)
2) Farin Urlaub of Die Ärzte (best on stage)
3) Jimmy Hendix (obvious...) i know you said alive...but noone`s  gonna beat him!

1) Julio of Ska-P (fast and accurate)
2) Justin Chancellor of tool (best techniques)
3) Jorge Casillas of The Vodoo Glow Skulls (ska,ska,ska!)

I play drums for about 15 jears now...
1) Lars Ulrich of Metallica (best unique style ever...)
    to all drummers here:listen to the snaredrum on St.Anger...
2) Paulo Baldi of Cake (minimalistc style...)
3) Max Roach  (i`ll never get behind that Jazz-thing)

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doh! Joey Ramone, how could I forget him!
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I hate Lars Ulrich. Bassist: Gene Simmons of Kiss
                          Guitarist: Stevie Vai

This is what I think at the moment. Opinions are subject to change (very) slightly at any given time. Yet the no. 1:s are expected to keep their status on my list. Hmm.. ..but they're all no. 1:s..

1) Maynard James Keenan (TOOL)
1) Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave)
1) Serj Tankian (SOAD)
1) Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
1) Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas)

1) Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)
1) Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
1) Jimi Hendrix, the immortal hall-of-famer
1) James Hetfield (Metallica, as if you didn't know that)

1) Les Claypool (Primus)
1) Jaco Pastorius
1) Flea (RHCP)

1) Danny Carey (TOOL)
1) Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory)
1) Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan)

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Nobody has mentioned Mikeal Akerfeldt of Opeth, he's a good vocalist.
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anyone who disagrees with tom morello or jimi hendrix should be shot.

jimi was just incredible.

tom can make a guitar make pretty much any sound he wants.  its impressive when every rage album has "every sound on this cd was created by either vocals, drums, or guitars" written on the back...especially for tom.

i honestly don't know much about i won't list anyone.

Jimi Hendrix
Tom Morello
Eric Clapton (i've got a soft spot for him...i just really like his music)

and i'm a
mike portnoy (coolbeano, i have to agree with you here...hes damn good)
John otto (dont like limp bizkit...but i'll admit hes talented)
carter beauford (not a big DMB fan, but i have a few of his tapes...hes pretty impressive.
keith moon (this one doesnt need an explanation.)
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- Jon Toogood. He's just fucken amazing. What is there to say? Oh yeah, hes been dubbed the best frontman in New Zealand, and I'm pretty sure that would spread over to Australia, (yes, even Dave Evans of AC/DC.) Great performer, great musician and a great guy. Swears as much as I do. - Shihad gig on Monday and I have a ticket! Woo! - Shihad/Vocals/guitar
- Serj Tankian. The guy was trained in Opera and does metal/rock. That's just cool. Also he wanted to set up a free recording studio for New Zealand bands a while ago but the government refused him because they didn't think it would help the country. Meanwhile they let Shania Twain buy a fucking mansion in the South Island. Fuck them! - SOAD/Vocals
- Tom Larkin. Excellent drummer and musician overall. - Shihad/Drums
- Danny Carey. Another SUPERB drummer. - Tool/Drums
- Flea. Possibly the best Bass player ever, although I may be mistaken. RHCP/Bass
- Karl Kippenberger. let's hear it for the fucken Bass player. - Shihad/Bass
- Dave Grohl. The guy's been in Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. What more can be said? - Nirvana/Foo Fighters/QOTSA - Drums/Guitar/Vox/Drums
- Chris Martin. The guy writes good music and he can realy hit the high notes. - Coldplay/Vocals
- Pete Townshend - Great guitarist/song writer, and even though he was accused of child pornography charges I'm named after him, and he is a legend. - The Who/Guitar
- Every last member of "Fat Freddy's Drop."
- Wes Borland. Limp Bizkit went to shit after he left so that has to have something to do with him. He can fucken play too. Limp Bizkit/Guitar/funky masks.
- Jimmy Page. Even when completely and utterly stoned out of his fucken mind he could outplay anyone. Led Zeppelin/Guitar
- Phil Knight. Because I've mentioned the other members of Shihad and it's only fair. A nice guy and a great musician. Shihad/Guitar

I have left SO many deserving people off this list, but I have to finish sometime.

Play Loud.

Edit: ERIC CLAPTON! The guy can get his guitar to get up in the morning and make him a cup of tea.
I don't disagree with any of the other obvious greats mentioned either. They're the immortals.

Editx2: PAUL SIMON! I was brought up on his music and loved every bit of it.

Editx3: LINDSAY BUCKINGHAM! Try to dowload "Big Love" and you will hear some EXCELLENT guitars. Amazingly complicated and the guy's singing at the same time. This guy is an alien. Of Fleetwod Mac fame.

Editx4: Mike Dirnt, the Bass player from Green day. He rules.

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Lead Guitar
Slash - GnR/Velvet Revolver
James Hetfield - Metallica

Eddie Veddar - Pearl Jam
Axel Rose - GnR
Kurt Cobain - Late Nirvana
Jon Toogood - Shihad

Flea - RHCP

Lars Ulrich - Metallica

My 2 cents - ROCK ON Y'ALL

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