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Man of Moebius Morals
+71|5702|Nottingham, UK
Playing Warlord, rounds going very well. I end up as a sniper for some daft reason, and am running towards the Insurgent held Palace as their commander drops a crate between palace and fountain. I pop a clay on said crate.

It goes off. kills Bofftheslayer, and I suddenly stop moving and get kicked for claying near flags.

Now, as I asked when I rejoined, what Muppet sees halfway down the palace approach as 'near a flag'?
I think he just got miffed cos he died trying to get ammo or heal. Being called a muppet led to a ban for 'desrespect' (lulz). Which isn't too bad. I could probably do with not playing on a server with such shoddy admin in the first place.

But the claying near flags still confuses me, any takers? Did he just get miffed? or should I get better glasses to see how big the flag radius is these days?
Vagina face
+167|5121|London ㋛

Wrong section TBH mate( ), but I too have been banned by boffthewanker,  got kicked for bunny hopping, then when I came back and jumped, proned and sprayed an Ak in his face he banned me , I don't think SAC are bad admins, but boff is pretty trigger happy with the banhammer.
spank that azz.
+146|4980|Nibiru in a far away galaxy
He just got mad because you owned him and his precious little ammo box lulz
Turns out you were cucked
+2,044|5744|Little Bentcock
Lol miffed, what a great word, I shall use it more often.

On a side note I think he might be a little too excited with the banhammer, try and avoid that server (not like you have a choice)
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