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In response to this thread (which was started by yours truly and a couple other members of this community), I now know of two chances for you budding mappers to get your work recognised.  The first is organised by wrote:

In an effort to add a little variety to the BF2 experience, is starting a Custom Map Competition. Unlike other competitions; we guarantee use of the maps by placing them on our own servers and encouraging others to do the same. There is also a chance that maps will make it into the mods affiliated with Devfile.

Rules: Anyone may enter any number of maps You may only submit a map once The map must be for stock Battlefield2 Must at minimum include Conquest gameplay and 32 player setting All settings Should play balanced Maps must be in Final Version

Scoring: Maps will be rated on: Balance, Gameplay, and Appearance Going into an overall score. Judges will be selected by their knowledge of the above topics.

How To Submit: Send an email to Admin [at], asking how and where to upload a Zipped Copy of the map.

Mappers, this is your chance to get your map some use, so polish them up and send them in. Submissions must be in by Friday Dec 8th. A warning will go out a few days before the deadline. The final maps will be choosen within a few weeks of the deadline and will be annouced and promoted.

We are going to need judges aswell, so if you have a background in mapping or have played in strategic battles drop us a message saying you can help.
The second, which has not yet been announced but I know is in the planning stages, is organised by, the official BF2 editor site.  Keep checking back there, it should be announced some time in the near future

I'd like to generate as much interest for these as possible considering the amount of work people have put into organising them.
Cheers, and good luck!
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When I get into map making, I'll consider this. Thanks!
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Alittle late ,  but a good map is a good map , interesting to see what guys come up with

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