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Squadplay All The Way goes Armour All The WAY!

Yeah it happened i got all mellow and since we had ThyTormentor in our squad i did something i never done before. Armour... Combo of APC and Tank Squadplay. This is an experimental attempt of me to use battlerecorder footage only.I did not record it in eyes (EU Belgrade) 11 minutes 02 seconds.

|SP-SR|ThyTormentor <---- Best vehicle driver i have ever met!
I dont know the 6th

I have experimented with visual effects and sound efects. I hope you like it. Feedback also contructive negative ones are more then welcome.

Thanks to all the participating players on the Squadplay All The Way server.

WARNING firefox users use internet explorer to download this file or right click and save connection as.

160 MB High quality movie
79 MB Medium quality movie
Ugly low quality Google stream … 1096455408

Have fun with this one!
What I enjoy most about the Squadplay All The Way videos is listening to how you guys are laughing and having fun, while still doing an awesome job playing and the feeling of actually being in the battle. This video, unfortunately, didn't really have that. The battlerecorder footage makes it all somewhat impersonal, not lending to the feeling of actually being there part of the squad.

Also, the video effects and the kill count popups just kind of give it that quality of video you find all over youtube. You know the type, "Look at me. I roxxor!"

I love all your other videos, though, and look forward to the next one. I'll be sorely dissapointed if the day comes when there won't be any more 2142 Squadplay All The Way videos
I've watched few of your videos and.... OH GOD! That's what I was lookin' for in online games! I'm gonna buy BF2142 soon I think, I would love to play with you guys!

The movies are awesome, music makes them even more cool. <thumbs up>
Sorry to say that tho, this movie is the worst one imo, don't really like armor but that's my opinion.
Also, stick with the first person view + some footage from battlerecorder, instead of BR only .

Keep them coming!
Care [ ] - Don't care [x]
Is your clan recruiting? I want to join a teamwork clan. Who likes to have fun, but plays the game right.

EDIT: Oh and sick video, that was some awesome own4ge. I've always told guys how deald yall the vehicles were if you used em right. And the APC has 6 places for a squad, and they all got guns, it's a fortress on wheels!! Same with air transports.

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Squadplay All The Way left BF2142 but the most skilled players from the clan can be found at

They play matches as well so you'll have fun no matter if you just want to enjoy teamwork or be competitive.
(in both BF2142 and CoD4)

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