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ManOnTheMoon wrote:

How about a Top Gun Ranking for the aviators, i dont know some thing like KDR in a plane combined with number of kills and time spent in a plane.  You could do some thing similar for the helo too, and even a Tank commander ranking based on the same principle.

E.g. Top Gun Score = (Kills^KDR) x time. highest score wins (would be a big number im betting)

Just a thought, hope you like it chuy.
You could make it so that you could sort Highest KDR, SPM, Time, Kills, deaths etc, like we can do on "My Leaderboard"
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Since there's the I/O mode we really want the infantry KD rankings!!
Something that shows hom many times you've been killed by artillery.This would be especially useful for me because I always have the bad luck of getting hit by the most random artillery strikes. Also something that shows how many times you've been teamkilled. This will show you to what extent your k/d ratio actually reflects your fighting.

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Sa¢ripan wrote:

Since there's the I/O mode we really want the infantry KD rankings!!
Yes.  Infantry K/D ranking would be cool.
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I have just looked around the page, and I found some accuracies of more than 80. Looking a bit deeper, the guy with 86% accuracy hasn't really played alot, so I'd suggest to implement some time or point value which will only show players above t hours or with more than p points.
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I would love to see the plane,tank and heli leaderboards that are shown in bfhq so i could look at them while i am at school like now.
for the basic special force anti-tank badge, its only 6 kills in one round
What I'd like to see here is a table with all the "best Round" stats, that'd help you to see which "IAR"-conditions you've already completed:)
And sth. very banal, but what'd increase comfort:
on sites with rankings, you can switch pages on the top. It'd be nice if we could also do this at the bottom of a page, if you're searching sb. by scrolling down.
I know, there is a special thread for this, but I must say it:
THIS PAGE IS GREAT!!! Thank you!
(This is my first post on a forum ever!)
99 Problems . . .

Is Highway Tampa going to be added to the maps tracked as far as time played, win/loss ratio BR ?
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T.Pike wrote:

Is Highway Tampa going to be added to the maps tracked as far as time played, win/loss ratio BR ?
iz me!

Ranks of the stats at the bottom of the page?
I have only been playing BF2 for about 2 months. I always stop in here to check my stats. I am always near the bottom. 
And my accuracy is bad. Then a light bulb went off in my head. Are some of these rainbow-helmeted pilots killing like 5 people with 1 missile to a vehicle ? Is that how some accuracy scores are so high ?

Then I started to wish for a ranking of stats between people who play 'infantry only'. (like myself) Say, people who's playtime is like 99% IO. (I only say 99% because when I first started, I tried flying a heli. just for fun, and I'm sure a lot of IO players have done this also)

I know I can never achieve above a certain rank because I am not going to start flying or driving. At that point, I will probably stop checking my stats.

It would be nice to have an IO stat ranking so I can see how I am doing, and maybe do a little chest beating myself.
There are many IO servers out there, so it does seem to be a substantial sub-group.

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