Hi guys, your posts make for good reading and i seem to have learned alot.. Feel good about straying away from the title of "Nub Cake" - or "Noob Fodder" which ever you prefer.. however.. i put my newly acclaimed title on the line and ask, maybe a silly question..
here goes..
When it says XX kills per round does it mean in consession without dying or before yours or the opponents teams tickets are reduced to 0?
Please forgive the "noobness" of the question
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I don't know if i get u right, but it's like:
Kills/Rounds=xx kills per round ----- it's the 'average-kills-per-round'.
If this is not what u wanted to know, just ignore this post


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Kills per round is what Orange said it is (# of kills) / (# of rounds)

The kill streak is the highest number of kills you have gotten (in a single round) before dieing.
Ok i think i got you guys, so basically just keep going through the maps pistol whipping anything i can find till i get it right??.. sounds easy enough.. .. the knife badge doesn't seem like its a nice one to get.. but saying that..  i was playing Songhua Stalemate earlyer today.. and there was this " Billy bad ass" who was lone wolfin' it -.. stood there blazing away at some poor sod.. just B lined it from where i was laying and joooked that fool in the head.. was well funny.. i just thought "Chav!" and siezed the moment..
Anyways.. much appreciated on the responses guys keep up the good work. .

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