purple sticky punch
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iv been gettin looked up on the forums for the last week or so...its jus like kinda laggs out for a min..not 20 sec. close to a min.  mostly happens wen i scroll through pages...i run on IE........... i know i know
The Mushroom Man
yeah i had the same problem... they changed something ie hates it...

lol so i got Firefox it doesnt do it...

i have no idea. I didn't really change anything in the forums...just the layout. The code is all essentially the same...

Edit: I lied, I have the pop up JS still on the forums. (Ya know, the hover over an image and it has that little bubble thing) *might* be that, really not sure.

However, as it serves no purpose, I've disabled it. Let me know if it's still happening.
I'm back, baby... ( sort of )
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no, it isn't, at least not here.
purple sticky punch
+0|6244|englewood FL.
nope seems to be fine now!! thanks chuy...ur da man

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