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Hey chuy, just wanted to know something about the updates on BF2S. When I'm queued to be updated and I play some more after the time that I got in line, does it update up till the last time I played? Or is it perpetually behind what I actually am? Basically, when it's my turn to update, does it update everything or just what it was when I was requeued up? Does this make sense?
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The update reflects the exact stats on the official EA/IGN servers at the time that it updates.
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when its ur turn to update it grabs what ever data is on the stats server when its ur turn so if u play more before your turn comes and those stats are on the stats server before your time is up then it will be updated here too then

i always view my account and start the update in the morning so i can look at it that night and i usually play during the day and my stats get added
will frag for food
+11|6271|Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Thanks guys!
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Just a heads up, I earned hundreds of points today between updates (shows in-game in BFHQ), and it went from 1 minute  (I was checking) to end of the queue without any stats changing on BF2S.  Not the end of the world, but it looks like it just grabbed stale data.

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