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bullit wrote:

heggs wrote:

'Damn engineer nubs'? Riiight. The goliath is in no way a safe haven. If you get a good group of engineers, you don't stand a chance. It's a big, slow moving target that is very easy to hit at long distances with the pilum.

PS. Please go back to school and learn how to write.
wtf is wrong with my spelling? Yes they were engineer nubs and whenever do you get a load of engineers working together?

I edited what i thought was wrong but if its cause of u=you sorry but....
When has anyone worked together in online games?
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Sambuccashake wrote:

I've played NS three times now.

First time went ok, didn't know my way around the maps very well but it went decent.

Second time went even better, almost toook out a Goliath but at least ended up with gold medal and a solid KD.

Third time I managed to
* Spawn on a transport where the pilot bails (x3)
* Spawning in front of a Goliath (x2)
* Getting killed by the otus when deploying it (x4)

I disconnected in disgust and haven't played it since.
Didnt you play the origianl 2142?  i had most of those same things happen constantly..and havent connected since(viva la Bf2)
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leetkyle wrote:

yes, i often destroy a fully charged w/ all panels with a few rorsch shots, zoomed of course. once, i got all 3 destruction points and all 5/5 kills lol.
Five times now:

Rorsch > Goliath
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