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Why is a girl more expensive to raise? Actually that maybe kinda involved with the Male superiority thing in China, where they can get jobs easier. But hey, everyone pretty much makes 3 dollars an hour there... WTF is the difference.
Well, girls generally have more health concerns (relating to their "cycle" in many cases), and in addition to this, China has a dowry system like many other nations where the family of the bride pays for the wedding or other things related to it (depending on local traditions).

But yes, China is very patriarchal, so tradition in and of itself has led to these atrocities as well.
Hmm. My wife is Chinese. In their culture, the groom pays for the wedding. The dowry still exists in a limited fashion, but both families give money to each other, so that sort of evens out. The groom still bears the majority of the financial nuptial burden.

The desire for sons is really all about passing on the family name and their cultural preference for boys. Even though they're communist and everyone is supposed to be equal, the long-standing male dominance is still alive and kicking. The groom's family sort of swallows the bride, so the family with only a daughter is almost left without children in their old age.
Crap, I just looked up the dowry thing.  Somehow, I got China's system mixed up with another country's.  I believe I was thinking of an African one.  I can't remember which....  My bad....
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Don't sweat it, pal. I can't remember which ones do it and which ones don't. I only know this one because I lived through it.
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I've never been involved with a Chinese woman, but I may end up dating a half-Taiwanese one.  Thinking way far ahead here....  does Taiwan have dowries?  lol
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India, which is also enormously populous has one thing on the Chinese.; the ability to speak English. I'm willing to bet that 90% of Americans have spoken to an Indian on the telephone and thought they were talking to some bloke from the Midwest.
Well I've dealt with Indian (outsourced) customer support and trust me that's a load of bullshit. They couldn't speak English well to save their lives. You can barley understand them and that is why Americans think that all tech support is shit.
You said it... an indian answers the phone with a heavy accent and tells you his name is Bob. Tech support is shit!

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i should hope that doesn't happen.

if it does, we're going to have a fucking draft.

i want to play bf2, not live it.
A real war would be little like BF2.  Try PR http://realitymod.com/

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Ok first, this is not a dig at china, also please excuse the 'worried' kinda sounds sarcastic.

My main objective is to see if someone can clear up my final point at the end of this post.

I've started this thread because i have been hearing alot about China these last few months on the news and i've done a bit of research on the country itself.

I first start noticing China in the new a few months ago when i hear that their population is going to be one of the largest populations in the world in a few more years, so i thought nothing of that. I then look them up on wikipedia and find this:

'The People's Liberation Army (PLA), with its 2.25 million active troops, is currently the largest military in the world.  The PLA consists of an army, navy, air force, and strategic nuclear force. The official budget of the PLA for 2005 is $30 billion and non-official budget $90 billion, possibly excluding foreign weapons purchases, military research and development, and the People's Armed Police, a paramilitary force.'

Now that is crazy, but the thing that got me was that i was hearing that they were starting to look active and that they were possibly getting ready for an invasion of a small island off the coast (if anyone could clear that up i would like to know) I also saw on the news that a rocket was launched to destroy a satalite in space by China, now the satalite was chinese i know but the fact is that China now have that capability to do such things.

It poses a question as to why China, U.S, Russia, Uk, Korea, Infact every country needs to have an arms race and create all these nuclear and fancy weapons. Its as if we are all on edge that one country is about to attack another.

The other bit of information i heard was that if China decide to attack this Island then Mr Bush or one of his merry men said that they would defend this island against China!!!! Now i don't know about you but that spells war to me. And not a small war either, super power against super power. I really hope this is just the news talking bullshit or taking things out of context but that is why i am worried.

P.s. Yes i know i should not believe everything i hear in the news, but its hard not to think what could happen.
dude i dont know if you ever hear of nostradamus, but hes predicted Many wars, including WW1 and 2 and also the 9/11 attacks. and this was over 1000 years ago! He also wrote in his works that a great red dragon would make their mark on the world supposedly in WW3. Im not saying it is, but it might be a reference too China, which has a dragon as their symbol. Kinda freaky if you think about it, but yes China is starting to seriously rival the U.S. militaristic and economiic dominance.
China's old flag had a dragon on it, but not their current one.  I do believe that Wales has a dragon on their flag, although I find it to believe that such a tiny country could influence such a large war.

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China's only recent military excursion is running over college students in Tianamen Square and blowing up unarmed satellites!  However, they do have a large, well trained and disciplined military, but lack many logistics to move them around a global scale. 

Financially, I am more worried about China than militarily. 

I am also concerned what will happen when the Olympics are over in 2008 and China decides they no longer need direct foreign investment any longer.
You do know that China has troops stationed in Africa right?
i know this is off topic, but is that really cyborg ninja on his/her sig thing cuz my eyes always get glued to those pics when i scroll down...lol
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i know this is off topic, but is that really cyborg ninja on his/her sig thing cuz my eyes always get glued to those pics when i scroll down...lol
No its some porn star, Luana Lani I think, cant remember but I asked him one time when I was bored
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More news on China has arrived!

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