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I know is to blind the enemy.

But how far is the action ratio ?

If I Sent a flashbang to the bottom of a hill and the enemy is on top, do they get blind ?
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Depends how big the hill is! lol

Sorry I didn't give you much info, but I think they should be more powerful.

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As above.... unlikely to get blinded but there is a momentary blurred effect.

The best way to see what the damage radius is, throw a flashbang so you can see where it lands, from there, judge/calculate the distance/effect.   .... someone's bound to tell you what a 'real' FB does
i think the games flashbang is about 30 feet range if staring direcly at it, and it gets weaker the furter you are away (duh), starting about 15 ft. but if you turn your eyes from just 5 feet away, you wont get hit at all, except for a minor disturbance similar to shellshock.

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