i have only bf2 without sf...i have all the unlocks with my bf2 without jackhammer......i dont wanna buy the sf now,(although thought in my country its almost 45 $ cause the shiping)and iam so eager to get the new unlocks,even there arenot so big deal!! as i read about sf..its almost city maps......with many bugs...maybe i wait for the next patch ,so meybe i buy it.....but meanwhile.......i get jealous from the ppl who got it,especialy when i get it from enemy soldier........some times i wish for my team mate to be killed hardly ,to get his new weapon!!

this thing sounds like illegal to EA ....but all i need is three new weapons...not the whole maps,and other stuff!
so.....i know if some one has sf expansion and loged in with my acount number,played one round and get all the unlocks, or few of them! so...i will have them also when i play again in my bf2!
meybe you say: no friends from your city who have the game?! i live in a village in one spend much time as me on the internet here!
so..........if some one would like to do this favour....anytime he wish,just e-mail me: [email protected]     my online name  hungryleo

and please,for those people who think iam doing some thing illegal...well.....iam not stealing these weapons for real!!! wanna have fun in the game with few more weapons!!

hungryleo wrote:

I wanna have fun in the game with few more weapons!!
Then pay for the expansion like everyone else or kill / tk someone who has the gun you want.  Its that simple one way or the other.
im a fucking .....well not now
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hungryleo wrote:

(although thought in my country its almost 45 $ cause the shiping)
You can dare to brave EA Downloader and skip this part of the problem...

Or do it this way, I suppose...
reply to kanil:
i will need internaional visa card! i dont have one...last time i travilled abroasd befor half year! fro new credit card now for few days? then close it?!?! no body accept least haLF YEAR! and it gonna cost dobble than normal!
reply to randomzero: i dont think its agood!
reply to the_heart_attack:thanx pal.....i gonna see how i can get contact with this guy!
another small thing for all: well...if someone take my acount number with the you think he can steal my acount stats?.........

OFcourse i asked EA about that! they said NO .  even when he change your pass....he canot change your e-mail when you reset the gonna get it in your e-maill..and the stat doesnot reseted!! 
what i like to know if thats 100 % true!?!?!   
thanx for help guys!
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Israel. Whoa. Aren't you guys too busy fighting the REAL war than fighting some trivial war online?
Mass Media Casualty

You live in Israel? Why do you have to buy a war game...

...Oh shit...

...o-oh shit...

...that was in so much bad taste I think I threw up a bit.
[Blinking eyes thing]
heheheh......we do army for three years....i finished it! but there is no action there like this game! ......
come on....i been infantry for 1.5 year ..then asniper for the rest of it! thats it! no tanks or airplane,or chopers,and all the weapons!!   there you have to be serious ,or you die! here ,its agame for fun!

another thing: as i see EA told me that i canot change my e-mail acount......i think some newbie who responed to me! i tryed and change it! so......i regret for my first post about get afavour from some one...he possibly will steal it! i thought he only can change the pass..but he also can change everything!LOL   stubid IDEA ,SORRY   
here i finish my topic
lol, ive played bf2 w/ sum1 from kuwait :shock: pretty good teamplayer but forgot his name...

Last edited by cyborg_ninja-117 (2005-12-30 02:55:45)
dude if you want em that badly ill login for ya, doesnt bother me
well.......forget what i have said! leave it!gonna search other way......
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SF Sucks.

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