This thread was closed, and was linked to a complain about 2142 thread, relivant!! no.

Im not moaning about 2142(I love the game) was gettin opinions on the new patch, to see if I was the only one who thinks EA may be taking the same route as with bf2.

The thread hadn't turned into a flame and was getting reply's it was intended to, people who both thought it was a bad and good patch.

Hell if it had been left to run we might have got some advice on how to get around some of the issue's it created.

Now I know this thread will get closed pretty quick, but if a admin could please let me know why the first thread was closed that would be cool, I did a search, I couldn't find a thread about patch 1.25 issue's apart from the it wont load/crash's etc.

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if that thread was closed, this one will be 2. If you're unsure as to why it was closed, use PM's, not a whole post.

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fatherted13 wrote:

if that thread was closed, this one will be 2.
Why oh why did you have to bump this thread?

I thought it had gone into the forgotten land
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Take it up with the appropriate admin via PM. If you don't know who it was PM me.
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