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What is a better leap forward from the first unlock.

Mp-713%13% - 14
L96-a186%86% - 87
Total: 101
So far ive decided to get the M-95 for sure, but i cant choose between the MP-7 and the L96 as my second choice. So basicly what i am asking is: which one will be more useful to its respective kit?

I wont be getting more unlocks for another 30,000 points so im trying to get as many opinions as possible.. thanks everyone in advance.
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L96a1. <----Period.

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+519|5702|Gold coast, Aus.
MP7 is just a shits and giggles gun. L9 is something that you will most likely use whenever you go sniper.
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MP7 > All at IO
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MP7 is a very funny gun - I like it, but it's not the best for usual rounds.
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mp7 may be hilarious but you'll be missing out on all the L96 glory.
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{M5}Sniper3 wrote:

L96a1. <----Period.

depends on what kit you play more.  if u already have the m95, then id say mp7 if you like engi. its all i use when i play af.
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+13|5301|Bloomington, Indiana
I would say it def. depends on what you enjoy playing more... Im down with the snipe... so I would stick to that...its pretty rowdy... but the M95 can shoot people out of aircraft!
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L96 is waaaayyyy fun.  just a really fun gun.  makes the game fun.

FUN.  funfunfunfun

the MP7 isn't bad, but shotty is way better.
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+54|5560|Vancouver, USA
L96 sure is... fun
I don't mind the mp7.  I command alot so I use it mostly as self defense, I think it sucks otherwise.  It definately has more range than the shotgun.  But stick with the sniper rifle.
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{M5}Sniper3 wrote:

L96a1. <----Period.
+127|5467|Jesus Land aka Canada
the mp7 is cool; i like it but no man its too similiar to any of the other smgs. you can easy pretend your pph or your p90 as the mp7 plus you get the extra armour as anti tank. so the l96 is better choice.
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+145|5670|California U.S.A
The L96 is nicest bolt action sniper rifle with the M24 a close second. Which in honesty is like anyother sniper rifle in the Kit, ya know crosshair point click etc. etc.

The MP7 gives the Enginner Kit a much need short AND medium range main weapon. And it's high ROF is devasting in close range, you can also single shot it for some nice long range shooting. Just stick close to your Support buddy cause your ammo is gone quickly.

For overall versatilty I'd pick the MP7 to give you a choice other than shotguns for Engineer. The stock sniper weapons are quite nice until your next unlock.
both good choices, just depends what kit u wanna play
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I'd say L96, as it's an extremely good sniper rifle with it's power and accuracy. The MP7 is good, but for long ranges, I find it easier to use the handgun, or the M11-87 (you'd be astonished at how effective that gun is at range).
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Don't use unlocks.
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I like the M24 over the L96... the L96's firing sound is cool but kind of wimpy. The M24 is a no-BS rifle. The M95 is alright but it just doesn't like me.
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L96A1 hands down.
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Mmm not a difficult choice, a pea shooter or a kick ass sniper rifle. I d go for the l96 if i were you.
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L96 is the best sniper rifle, while the m95 sucks. So it is a big step forward from the first unlock.
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Try the MP7 as SAS.
Tru the L96A1 as EU.
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R3v4n wrote:

MP7 > All at IO
If you know how to use it well enough, you can lay down shots pretty accurately at short to medium ranges. We still haven't figured out how, but I sniped someone on single-shot with that thing.

I <3 the MP7 (I just <3 the P90 more)

Plus, there's the humiliation of being killed by that little pea-shooter.
Well, the original question was "which one will be more useful to its respective kit", right?

The L96A1 is excellent, it's got most of the same stats as the M24, but with a slightly better reload time, a cooler sound and a thinner crosshairs.  But honestly, it's a luxury choice.  If you like long-range accurate sniping, the M24 will serve you just as well.

The MP7, on the other hand, is a submachine gun for a kit that normally carries shotguns.  It's very different to the Engineer shotguns in feel and in what you can and can't get away with on the battlefield.

If you're looking for variety and flexibility, take the MP7, it adds a very different option to your Engineer.  If you want a more refined M24, or are really crying out for an M24 when you're not playing USMC, take the L96A1.

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