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Which is better?

Psp62%62% - 20
Nintendo DS37%37% - 12
Total: 32
I'm looking to get one for my son's B'day. Have read up on both and it seems to me that the PSP is the better of the two but I'm looking for advice from actual users.
+305|5776|Cheshire. UK
PSP is far more versatile... Music..Video. Gaming... Surfing...and you can expand the Storage...whereas with the DS you are stuck with it as is

PSP FTW oh and the Games are awesome! visually for a handheld device
+38|5535|From: From: From:
although the DS does include new stuff like the touch/dual screens, the psp is overall better
Enemy Wheelbarrow Spotted..!!
+736|5743|Area 51
Nintendo DS, for 10 years and younger, any above, get him a PSP, he can watch movies on it, listen to music, play games on it, store whatever you can think off, except his little sister if he has one
Biggest n00blet around!
It depends on how old he ^^ said, if under 10, go with the DS, more kid friendly, but if over 10 who likes web, music and vids, go for the psp. It all depends on which is more sutable. someone under 10 isnt really going to be listening to music, watching vids or surfing da web..
Random Hero
+119|5500|Australia QLD
I got a camera for my PSP. Soon they will have GPS attachment too. (they have them now, but for Japanese cities).
Just don't let your son hack the PSP, it's good to have a hacked one, but if it doesnt go right, then you have a lemon PSP.
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I would say DS. Your kid probably would get mp3-player if he/she would want to listen to music. And who would want to watch movies on so tiny screen? Or need to surf internet with it?

I think PSP is just PS2 with worse graphics, like, nothing new. Also maybe bad controls for some games because they need so many buttons because they're like PS2 games.

I don't have neither.
Got loooollllll ?
+853|5817|Montreal, Qc, Canada
My ipod FTW !

Null vote i dont have any of them...
+2,187|5746|Mountains of NC

Depends on what games you want him to play
+127|5565|Jesus Land aka Canada
DS you can play with people from ALL around the world. !1
+416|5673|United States
lol both are good I'd pick the DS solely for metroid prime but the PSP is better for general entertainment.
+131|5634|the guy in the hind on gator
how bout just get him a 360

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