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I posted a while back in 2142 forums that I was getting some crappy FPS in-game. I was playing at 1200x960 or some res like that, with 2x AA. Average was about 30, lowest 15 (on titan), highest maybe 45. I have an x1900xt and was very disappointed by this performance. Today while playing, I found that there was a new resolution available after installing the newest ATI drivers. 1440x1050 I believe, which is close to my native res (1680x1050).

Somehow, I am now magically getting average 60fps, with decent highs and lows. I might even push it to 4x AA if the performance remains OK. Do drivers really make that much of a difference when it comes to games? Or is there some performance drop using non-native resolutions while playing.

Also, I don't really understand the settings in the ATI Catalyst Control Center thing. It lets you select 6x AA and 16x AF in there, but when I do that, sometimes the game will load without any of these features on. How do I get those settings to work in game?
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First off, Drivers can make a HUGE difference. I had a problem like urs, cept my arrow flashed aswell (the 2 in Menu, and the arrow ingame). My friend also had fucked up shadows till he updated his driver, now it runs like a dream on all high full AA.

As for the ATI catalyst control centre, you can set it so that all games will run at a 1 AA and AF level, just a single checkbox. This means that ingame AA settings won't make a diff (as far as I have experienced anyways).
i actually think that it is an issue with native resolution. the closer to the native resolution, the less the card has to think about what pixels to double-fill, and make everything peachy. when running at the native resolution, i bet you will get similar fps to what you are getting now.

i had exactly the same issue with my x1900xt, except i was using it at 1024x768, and getting 40fps average, 15-25 on titian, with some things turned down and 4xaa (not my normal 6x). when cranked up to 1280x1024 (native res) and EVERYTHING on high (incl 6xAA), i now get 60-100 fps average, and a constant 30 on the titan.
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Don't enable AA or AF from the CCC, it makes the game crash.  Most games have their own AA settings anyway.
For such a high card as the X1900XT, yes you can see huge improvements with new drivers. Catalyst or ForceWare driver updates are directed and changes and tweaks for high ends cards anyway.

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