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Because using the New Posts button here throughout the day you can miss threads

I often use the Show all posts button here on the profile page

and then see if anything new is posted on threads I've also posted in.

For the last day or so it's not working. Same for you guys?
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,053|6654|Little Bentcock
look at all that karma
got any popo lolo intersting?

i heard polls dont work
main battle tank karthus medikopter 117 megamegapowershot gg
Go Cougs!
+687|6322|Washington St.
Use these ya effin n00b:

Though yes, recently it marks threads as read that I've never ventured into, but not the other way around so it's fine.

yeah the search hasn't been working for a while now

seems like anything that's older than 3 or 4 days and newer than about 5 months doesn't get searched

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