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Ok, so I'm going to jump right into the 2 hour download for the full version . The incremental is nothing but problems, now I keep getting "Modified Content" wtf? I'm sick and tired of bugs and problems, why can't EA/DICE just get their shit together and release something stable and working!
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Worked just fine for me... Did you look at this first?
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I dont see why they dont test the patch on some of the machines they have at EA, and I mean fully test them, not double click BF2.exe............Yep theres our name ! must be fine.
+783|5597|Reykjavík, Iceland.
Yes, and I did read the bold on the top of it
First off Install full patch not "incremet" ( this should fix most of the problems )
Update Punkbuster After new patch ( full install ) update your PB, you can find out how to auto update PB in general chat section of this forums ( titled top 10 tweak guids )
That's why I'm now downloading full, I hope that one won't be the same crap

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