i hate people saying im hacking  it pisses me off almost every day im  told by some one that im hacking but im not if u look at my stats does it look like i hack it is my second account so i have got a bit better but i still dont know y people say im hacking u cant hack cause of punkbuster i dont see why that they say some one is hacking its pointless for them to complain u r possed to
have fun not complain what do u think cause i want to know what u think
same thing happens to me but i get kicked from servers sometimes banned too. i even got kicked out of a clan for hacking but i dont hack and my stats arent crazy good or anything
But you do hack though
Grammar, please. I looked at your profile, you're an Aussie, and therefore you speak some sort of English. No matter how young you are, you shouldn't be incoherent.

And I don't intend to be mean, or single you out. I'm just rather upset that people who are obviously raised with a language spend more time playing video games than learning to communicate. It's not as if you're one of the poor, else you wouldn't have the computer or ability to be playing this game, and I know Australia has a public school system. In fact, my younger cousins are in it, and they (being under 10, the lot of them) write me more coherent letters and e-mails than I see on forums these days.

It's just upsetting. I've been in the online community for years, actively participating as administrators/moderators... and over the years proper grammar usage... or even spelling, have dropped off the scale.

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I agree with the topic of "Grammer", but why pick on 10 year olds who already have issues with self esteem?
I apologize, I don't mean to pick on anyone. I certainly hope, however, that he *is* young, and that he *will* take it to heart (without taking too much offense, or feeling upset about it... I don't mean to single you out, as I said). It is easier, however, to change the habits of lifetime when you're younger, rather than trying to correct yourself when your sense of the language is already set from your youth.

Still, I don't mean to pick on you. Pay no attention to my words if you wish. I just request your consideration. You're still young. You've got time.

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BallisticallyYours wrote:

I agree with the topic of "Grammer", but why pick on 10 year olds who already have issues with self esteem?
is this thread about grammer? or if the person is a hacker?
yea i got called a hacker today and the guy said he was going to report me to EA hahaha.. yea i told to good stuff.. and kept on killing him and his clan.. good times
Ive been kicked 40 times.. most of which were hack accusations.. because I was kicking their
butts with a DAO..  and most all of which were on public clan servers..

Ive been kicked from FLOT server 3 times that I can recall, all because those retards think
they cant be beat..

do what I have done.. stop playing on public servers.. they are almost ALL a disgrace..
Find yourself a good clan without ego-heads, or join tourneys or ladders.. Get in with some
guys who have a private server.. the game is sooooooooooooooooooo much better..

No kiddies, no egos, no kick bans for no reason, no getting kicked for an 'admin' to join ,
no stupid rules, just good teamwork and fragging... its like the differance between night
and day.. If I had to play on public ranked servers, Id uninstall this game in a heartbeat.

Guy that started the thread wrote:

u cant hack cause of punkbuster
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Punk Buster doesn't do anything as far as catching hackers.
bad touch

i have a better chance of catching hackers by waving a broom at them than PB
I love when people call me a hacker it just means im doin my job
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Complianing about being acused of hacking is a way of fishing for compliments, just give it up already.

At best you click your mouse really good, what of it.

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   Geez get real ladies "
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Yesterday I was hackzoring! I took 30 bullets to the chest and this kind peron who made the accusation, obviously left the server to watch this fraps video. And then came back and told everyone...
Glad I had my squad to back me up, we all just laughed it iff and took the piss out of the guy accusing me. The only reason I did'nt have many deaths were the brilliant squad medics

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There is no hacking in BF2
The Insomniac
Liek omfg you h4x0R!!!!!!!!

Mod Incarnate
5 bucks says the OP is nitro.
---hates you
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Skruples wrote:

5 bucks says the OP is nitro.
oh no, not this nitro-thing again (bet 20 nitro)

cam420 wrote:

I love when people call me a hacker it just means im doin my job
damn right.

And who gives a shit about called a H4x0r if you know your not?!
Un Moderador

Kobrakai wrote:

But you do hack though
wait 1 min, how the hell does he hack? i mean if i started a new profile and started playing it as much as my old one and using planes all the time, i would get a K/D ratio of more than 5 and you guys would call me a hacker? this guy has had experience and then has created a new profile to get better stats, so what if he has a high k/d raiot at his score? many ppl have those scores when they start a new profile.
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Yesh, spill it there Spanky-Lanky, you started a new profile, and obviously you are not a hack. All I had to do is look at your weapon ratio to come up with that, because of all the freakin' stats, that one there is the only one that stands out, because the other stats you could be a raping armor spawn bitch and raise the roof on them, but the weapons stats are your true colors. Am I wrong? 

Side note: IF you have a K/D of 85.00 and a SPM of 650.00 and your weapons ratio is .37, that right there tells the story, get my point? and people say they are good when they have a high spm/kd but thier weapons are shit, sorry son.

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Anyone who has more kills than deaths is a haxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxor. Yep.

I'm t3h uber h4x.
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see the sig.

I enjoy being called a hacker.. makes me feel like I'm making an impression on the BF2 community.

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