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+66|5926|Missoula, MT

Movie                         Votes      Rank
Full Metal Jacket             16         1
Black Hawk Down          13          2
Band of Brothers           12           3
Saving Private Ryan       12          4
Apocolypse Now Redux    9          5
Platoon                           9          6
Enemy at the Gates         6          7
We Were Soldiers            6          8
Tears of the Sun              5          9
A Bridge Too Far              4        10
Big Red One                    4        11
The Great Escape             4        12
The Patriot                       4        13
Good Morning Vietnam      3        14
Hamburger Hill                 3        15
Kelly's Heroes                  3        16
Red Dawn                        3        17
The Longest Day              3        18
Windtalkers                     3        19

A few of my top picks would be:

The Great Escape      (my favorite, and dedicated to the fifty)
Enemy at the Gates   (great sniping action)
Sergeant York           (terrific story)
Heartbreak Ridge       (Clint Eastwood, should I say more?)
Tears of the Sun        (most BF2-like action)

I was thinking if this post gets enough activity to update it with a top 10 list from the responses of BF2S members. 

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+1|5930|San Antonio, TX
Full metal jacket

ArkAng37 wrote:

Full metal jacket
jep love that movie

btw Dave you're bored often, aren't you? lol
Freak Went Flier

ArkAng37 wrote:

Full metal jacket
Totally.  If you are / were a Marine, this is the one.
just nothing
I'd have to go with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.
+0|5880|New York
Enemy at the Gates and the one with mel gibson in vietnam...can't remember the name though...
Sleep Deprived
BF2: Black Hawk Down (the book was even more graphic)

BFV: Apocalypse Now - Redux (actually better than the 1979 original)

BF42: Big Red One (Lee Marvin)

(I did like Tears of the Sun too, but more of a Ghost Recon feel than BF2 for me.)

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+66|5926|Missoula, MT

SmokeWithGrandma wrote:

Enemy at the Gates and the one with mel gibson in vietnam...can't remember the name though...
We were soldiers (Mel Gibson, Sam Elliot)
Repairs on request
+28|5890|Alkmaar, the Netherlands
The longest day.
You like that, biatch!?
Black Hawk Down is The Best by far
+0|5894|Bay Area, CA
My War DVD collection:
Apocalypse Now Redux
Full Metal Jacket
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
The Great Escape
Kelly's Heroes
Dirty Dozen
Bridge at Remagen (very underrated film! the scale of this movie is massive, and was before cg!)
Black Hawk Down
Never So Few (this movie is terrible, don't know why I have it)
Manchurian Candidate (original version, not the new one)
and (if you count these as war films) Throne of Blood, Top Secret and Stripes =P

Last edited by wiggin (2005-09-22 13:19:17)

purple sticky punch
+0|5899|englewood FL.
ahh lots of good movies....but i didnt see hamberger hill..that a goodie wit clint eastwood
+0|5894|Bay Area, CA
hamburger hill didnt have clint in it iirc., you might be thinking heartbreak ridge. Hamburger hill was a cool film, but imo it didnt do anything that full metal jacket or platoon hadnt accomplished. I think both hamburger hill and casualties of war both were overshadowed by platoon and fmj, but most of those late 80's nam films are pretty well made.
BenCunningham <3
+1|5928|Seattle, WA
Indiana Jones: the last crusade
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Ark
Resevoir Dogs
Big red 1
Battle buldge
Full metal jacket
Black hawk down
Bravo Two Zero
La 7eme Compagnie (j'ai glissé chef !)
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket

(BlackHawk Down & The great Escape are good too)
Bah Humbug!
Okay time to bring some class to this thread.....Operation Daybreak. - True story too.
One Shot, One Kill
+4|5879|Canberra, Australia
Black Hawk Down
We Were Soldiers
Band Of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan
Heartbreak Ridge

GVP000:  Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldiers are all based on true stories.
two words; Space Balls.

What? Of course it's a war movie!
Bah Humbug!
I know , I was just offering an additional fact on my choice

I'll happilly give my reviews on the other movies listed, but doubt anyone would be bothered to read them !
+1|5930|England, Uk
The guns of navaron (Apologies if spelling incorrect)
One Shot, One Kill
+4|5879|Canberra, Australia

It was pretty good and the girlie was cute...
77th|1st Lt. Werstein
+1|5896|Virginia, USA
i love Band of Brothers

Black Hawk Down is great

Tears of the Sun is alright

Saving Private Ryan is awsome

We Were Soldiers (Mel Gibson) is outstanding....made my dad, who was in Vietnam, cry

Windtalkers is okay

The Patriot is CRAZY!!!!

and the battle sequences in The Lord of the Rings are good (The Lord of the Rings is the best movie(s) i have seen)

Last edited by 77th|1st Lt. Werstein (2005-09-22 15:17:01)

+2|5906|Rotterdam, Netherlands
1. Band of Brothers (i think its the most realistic one).

2. Black Hawk Down (Great action and looks alot like BF2).

3. Enemy at the Gates (Indeed the best sniper action movie ever made so far).

4. Saving Private Ryan.

5. Der Untergang

6. And this one will make you shock to see in my lineup but lets say..... im 32 years old and its more like a remenisce for me....... Rambo First Blood..... (Yeah ik know you will probebly call me a noob right now but i still think the first part was a good one for that time).

Last edited by EMStorm (2005-09-22 15:40:15)

+31|5909|St. Louis, MO
Tora Tora Tora the original Pearl Harbor movie.Although Pearl Harbor was good too.

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