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plundering yee booty
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Well, I mean honestly, am I really that bad? I just like it when things are done properly, I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist, it's not just with military things.
And above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.
That Guy
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Don't worry shifty, I still think you're an idiot.
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plundering yee booty
+510|4766|Ventura, California
Aw, well I'm glad to hear that. It means a lot coming from you. Thanks bro
And above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.
Bellicose Yankee Air Pirate

Just got off the phone with my uncle. His pick is a little-known film called "The Odd Angry Shot." Said that it portrays life there to a T. Gave him chills. He also said that We Were Soldiers was also very accurate regarding aviation, and that he works with a guy who was actually a door gunner (later became a pilot) at that battle--and he said it was pretty much exactly as depicted. My uncle's take on Platoon was that its depiction of drug use was fairly accurate--he saw quite a bit among ground crew, never any among air crew.
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Gulf coast redneck hippy
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Jay wrote:

Spearhead wrote:

Reciprocity wrote:

84C MoPic is about the best Vietnam movie I've seen.
Just saw that for the first time, my uncle was a motion picture photographer during the Vietnam era (stationed in Germany).  He's a film buff, naturally, and he went out of his way to get it for me.  Great film, proves that you dont have to have money or Hollywood stars to tell a compelling and realistic story. 

I'll repeat it because I know no ones ever heard of it:  84 Charlie Mopic.  Good shit.
Is that the one where the camerman dies at the end and the camera falls to the ground?
eleven bravo
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someone was reading this thread
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War Man
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I must have ignored this thread, that is why I can't recall this.

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