That's just the superhero genre though. Comic books make fun and poke holes in themselves often enough that it's kind of hard to distinguish.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Westworld season 4 is out. I had no idea until some Youtube person tried to pitch me a recap video.

Even the season 4 trailer looks bored.

Total ratings collapse. … d_episodes

330,000 viewers for the premiere and dropping. Season 1 ended with 2.24 million viewers for an idea on how bad the drop is.

For reference for how bad that is...this masterpiece of a HBO show that you never heard of finished its final season (3) with about a million viewers per episode. … #Season_3_(2017)

I was right about Westworld being trash. The viewers have confirmed it.
The X stands for
+1,783|5486|eXtreme to the maX
I am watching season 4, its the only show I watch.

Its now really a succession of scenes which may be in the past, the now or the future, its hard to say.
Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй!

I don't think I watched Westworld, but I'm tired of shows in general stretching stuff out unnecessarily and inconclusively. On the off chance it's one I enjoy, I just know it's going to get canceled without even tying up season 1's arc. The ones I drop, 15 additional seasons as soon as I look the other direction, still with no conclusion.

Although GoT fans got (ergh) especially screwed. Maybe probably better for a show to burn out, than fade away.

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