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The X stands for
+1,724|4950|eXtreme to the maX
Not sure how we got from Aluminium panels to Israel but anyway.
Epstein didn't kill himself
why haven’t you posted about the tragedy and travesty of grenfell before now? it’s one of the most shameful stories in recent british memory.

why does it need a euro angle?
The X stands for
+1,724|4950|eXtreme to the maX
It already has a euro angel?

If the the British govt had voted to use bulldozers to push people into Grenfell, then positioned snipers to prevent them getting out and dropped JDAMs on it then your comparison with Israel and the Palestinians might be apt.

Its an example of a very long chain of responsibility in which every link of the chain has failed, the first being the honesty of the French company which developed, tested and supplied the parts.
Long chains with shared accountability seem like a great idea but often they aren't. Individuals assume someone else will pick up a problem so they can slack off. I've seen many things where all the paperwork is in place, its been audited repeatedly and its still garbage. Scratch at any part and it turns out to be tissue.
Epstein didn't kill himself

Meanwhile in mac's corner of the country:

Maryland middle school teacher’s aide will not face charges after being seen masturbating during Zoom lesson … 07998.html

A teacher’s aide in Maryland will not face charges after he was filmed masturbating during a Zoom call with a class of eighth graders.

Marc Schack, an assistant for special education students at Shady Grove Middle School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, was placed on administrative leave on Monday after the footage that was filmed at the end of a history lesson was shared online.

The 13-second clip allegedly showed Mr Schack looking at the screen, before standing up, turning away from his laptop and beginning to masturbate.

Mr Schack’s name was on the screen as the host of the Zoom call, but seconds after he stood up, another name appeared replacing him as the moderator.

The teacher’s aide told Fox 5 that he was unaware of the video when he was placed on administrative leave, as he claimed he was informed that the school had “misplaced his background check file.”

Mr Schack added that he only discovered the reason for the action when he was contacted by reporters on Wednesday.

The teacher’s aide, who has worked for Montgomery County Public Schools for 21 years, also runs Pirate Magic, a business that throws “pirate parties” for children in the area.


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