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Realistic/gritty does not always have to mean melodramatic and self-absorbed.  Watchmen was gritty as hell but it was still comfortable being a comic book movie.  TDKR could have easily been 1/4th shorter. 
I'm not saying Nolan is a bad film maker, but he's pretty average.  Anyone can make a spectacle out of anything with 250 million dollars.  Without the excellent casting, this film would have flopped.  I just don't see how people can sit through 10 minutes of 4th grade level monologue and still take these things seriously.  They are relatively shitty movies and it's glaringly obvious that Nolan thinks he's making some kind of profound statement on the human condition.  Christ almighty.  It's about a guy who dresses up as a Bat.
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yeah it doesn't stand up to mass effect's writing at all

Macbeth wrote:

Spoiler (highlight to read):
So how did Bane know where Morgan Freeman kept his stuff and how did Morgan Freeman not realize someone is tunneling under him?
Talia was on the board of directors.

How did Bane know where the Special forces guys were instantly once they showed up?
As far as I remember, they're taken directly to meet Talia who would obviously set off an alarm

How did Bane know Bruce Wayne was the Batman?
Talia, Liam Neeson, League of Shadows.

What is the point of making everyone think the scientist died in a plane crash if you and your ninja army already have him and to reveal to the world you do in like a week.
Talia did this in an effort to make Wayne Enterprises finish building the Fusion Reactor within the 6 months between when the sientist 'died' and when Bane took over the city. The single person that theorised a way to turn it into a bomb was "dead", so she thought they might finish the reactor since it would now be "safe". That's what I got out of it anyway.

Why did Bane let batman keep the leg brace when he put him in prison?
The leg brace is only really shown in one scene. It's possible it was only a temporary measure, indeed it's possible Bane did take it off and Bruce simply recovered enough to operate without it. It's also possible Bane never knew about it, it's not like Bruce wears shorts.
Spoiler (highlight to read):
Talia Talia Talia. Remember this is her plan and not Bane's and suddenly a lot of 'plot holes' suddenly make sense

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