Hello, i just installed Battlefield 2142 on my new latptop which has windows 7.
I downloaded the full 1.40 patch and the incremental 1.50 patch.

However when i try to run the 1.40 patch, a pop up window asks me to confirm if i want it to run. After clicking yes...nothing happens. I have waited a total of 10 mins for something to happen. So i restarted and tried again. Again though nothing happens, please help
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You might try downloading the full 1.50 patch.

Because this is the official install routine:

Bazajaytee wrote:

Battlefield 2142 / Battlefeild 2142 Deluxe
Battlefield 2142 v1.50 FULL
Battlefield 2142 v1.51

I suggest you get the patches via Bittorrent though (as the download links from above are way too slow):
BF2142 v1.50 Full
BF2142 v1.51 Beta 1 Full
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Does anyone even play this game anymore?
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