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The seedlings from my first tomato garden. Why is this in the marijuana thread? This is practice for my marijuana garden someday.
SuperJail Warden
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Long story short I got a small baggy of flower marijuana. I have not smoked flower in ages. The marijuana looks like ditch weed but I got it on a discount since the guy I got it from blah blah blah.
+409|2508 … aine-sales

Evidence that the major crime groups are working together suggests Europe’s huge cocaine market has grown large enough to sustain its major players alongside each another. South American cartels in countries such as Colombia prefer to export cocaine to Europe because it avoids the heavily policed US border and dealing with the violent Mexican cartels.

Gibbons said that cocaine is now widely used throughout UK society, challenging outdated claims that it remains the preserve of the middle classes.

In August the home secretary, Priti Patel, urged police to “make an example” of middle-class cocaine users in a new crackdown, promising to “name and shame” wealthy users.

“It’s a drug used by everyone from the highest levels of society to the lowest levels of society. It is no longer the drug for people with a lot of money behind them,” said Gibbons. … ll-classes

tl;dr of both articles: cocaine is shipped pretty directly now, in vast quantities, from bolivia/colombia to europe, or to west africa failing that. the level of organized crime in europe is now such that it rivals the US market. therefore the cocaine supply trade skips the violent central american/mexican cartels and all of the drug violence there, which services drugs to the US border (including weed, which is by far their biggest drug in bulk, and heroin).

cocaine is also commonplace amongst all social classes and backgrounds. pretty much like i've said before, with minor quibbles over my choice of phrasing (i meant it's prevalent in every socioeconomic class rather than saying literally everyone takes it; that said, it's still a gigantic market and many, many people do take it).

This means that UK gangs are working in tandem with groups like Italy’s powerful ’Ndrangheta mafia clan, which controls much of Europe’s cocaine trade.

Such a relationship allows British-based groups to tap into the huge buying power and contacts of one of the world’s richest criminal groups. In 2013, Europol estimated the ’Ndrangheta’s turnover was £44bn — greater than McDonald’s and Deutsche Bank combined.
yes, the italian mafia still hurts people. yes, UK gangs still fight. the albanian mafia has taken over the entirety of the UK drugs game, edging out the somalians, who previously edged out the yardie jamaicans ... etc. but this violence is limited to gang-on-gang violence, and is nothing like the scale and atrocity of the mexican cartels in their destabilized narco state.

yes, narco states are a human (and thus avoidable) tragedy. the war on drugs is a failure and is bad. demand for cocaine has only grown in north america, despite the fact you can probably still smell the blood on it as it arrives in el paso, TX, or whatever. it isn't working.

but my cocaine is very much ethically sourced. in fact i think my dealer has started offering organic ... guarantees that % of proceeds go to the farmers ... etc.

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SuperJail Warden
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There are now marijuana delivery services in NJ. They are not legal and the government gave them a warning already but they sticking around and hoping to not catch a case before our state figures out how to regulate dispensaries.

You aren't actually buying marijuana from the delivery service. You buy overpriced merchandise like Oreo cookies, hats, sweaters, etc. The delivery person can then decide to give you marijuana or not as a "gift". State law says you can gift marijuana to people over the age of 21.

Of course the government sees right through the whole thing. They froze $125,000 of assets one supplier had in their accounts since they were still using electronic services since they were "just selling hats".

I am not desperate enough to get high that I would put my phone number and address into their system. They do sell vape carts which is my thing but do I trust the vape carts from a group that is blatantly breaking the law? Nope.

Got to respect the entrepreneurial spirit though. Small business owner super men.

So dumb that a state is wasting its time with this shit.

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