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  • 22nd MEU ( SOC ) BF2 Realism Clan Is RECRUITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings BF2 Community,
The 22ND MARINE EXPEDITIONARY UNIT ( Special Operations Capable )
is a BF2 Realism clan. We are a team orientated unit and we go by the UNITED STATES MARINE CORP rank structure. We offer many training opportunities to any MARINE that joins our ranks. Training courses are listed below:
Every kit has a basic course and an expert course such as Medic Basic,
Medic expert, etc.
3 Advanced Sniper courses
1 Advanced Recon course
Jet Ace Competition
Chopper Ace Competition
Expert Pistol and Rifle
Basic and Expert HALO

We have 4 servers that run 24/7. Listed below are the servers.
BF2 INF. Only ( RANKED ) IP:
AIX 2.0 IP:
BF2 Training Only Members Only
PR Training Only Members Only

We also have Ventrilo running 24/7

We teach real military tactics such as Fire and Movement, Road Crossings,
CQB, Sniping, Reconnaissance, Small Unit Tactics etc.
If you like ground pounding or if you love to fly we have a place for you.

The 22nd MEU is a 3 year old clan. And currently we have 40 members. We
are  a very ( ACTIVE BF2 CLAN ) There is usually 7 – 15 people either pubbing, playing AIX or PR. We have our own BF2 BOOT CAMP map 64 player size map It is HUGE!!! For you pilots out there are BOOT CAMP MAP does not have any out of bonds for aircraft, so you can keep flying and flying.  We also have our own PR BOOT CAMP MAP . Please come and check out some screen shots of our BOOT CAMP maps at our xfire home page and please visit us at

( LCpl ) W. Tracy[22MEU] ( SOC )
We are still recruiting please come by and check us out.

( CPL ) W. Tracy[22ndMEU]
Sup guies
+157|4392|Southern California
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  • 22nd MEU ( SOC ) BF2 Realism Clan Is RECRUITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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