(side note: I searched for this, and yes there already was a similar thread, but it's 9 months old and included any soundtrack, not just originals)

What is your favorite original game soundtrack? By original I mean: music created specifically for the game (as opposed to games like GTA or Guitar Hero that use other music already created by other artists).

For the past year, my favorite game soundtrack has been that of Portal. Ambient music, when done right, is simply amazing. There's so little to go on, and it's all so subtle, but it conveys just the right messages. From the cold, sterile, distant music you hear when inside the chambers, to the warmer, more emotive tracks when you're "behind the scenes".
First my favorite track was "Taste of Blood", but then after a while I switched to "Self Esteem Fund". I loved SEF forever and ever, and then I really started picking up on "Party Escort", which is now my current fave, and will probably remain there for a while.

Also, a point to consider is how the soundtrack supports the game. Sure there are many great game soundtracks out there when taken on their own merit, but how do they interact with the game? This is also why I love the Portal soundtrack so much. It fits the vibe and mood perfectly, and really takes the atmosphere and environment to the next level.

I also have to give major props to Harry Gregson-Williams for the second and third Metal Gear Solid games. Prior to Portal, these were my favorite game soundtracks (and still hold a dear place in my heart). The MGS series has always had that epic, action movie feel to it, and the soundtracks definitely reinforce that. Notable tracks include the pair of "Sidecar" tracks from Snake Eater ("Sidecar - Escape from the Fortress" and "Sidecar - On the Rail Bridge"). Both of these are extremely instense pieces of work, and when I played these parts of the game for the first time, I had a huge rush of adrenaline flowing, and felt shivers down my spine (and I still get that when I play for even the 100th time).

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I've always enjoyed the soundtrack from MoH:AA and it's expansions.

I only wish I had it installed so I could give you specific track names
Good thread, I'm listening to the soundtrack of MGS3 as I type this, so obviously I'm a big fan as well.

MGS and FF series by far are my two favorite soundtracks from any video game. Brings out a medley of emotions like none other.

EDIT: In regards to the above post - Yes, mohaa had an excellent soundtrack as well. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few others also...

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Halo, CoD, HL series, Mass Effect, Klepacki's stuff (old school C&C), Kyd's stuff (Hitman games, I listen to ALOT of this...), the 3D Zelda games' music, music from the original Dues Ex...

List goes on...

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Portal end credits was win.

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Hitman 2, C&C Generals/Zero Hour , Freedom Fighters

Just love Jesper Kyd's work
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Fucking epic.
Half Life 2 for a tasteful use of techno music to speed up the actual tempo of gameplay and raise excitement.

Would be criminal to have a game-soundtrack thread without mentioning Nobuo Uematsu, have some of his original piano compositions and they're fantastic.
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Hmm... Ace Combat Shattered Skies was good...

Then again I do love Final Fantasy shit... The piano collections for them games are frickin awesome, with IX being the best.

Oh, and everyone loves the Halo theme

DU DU DU DUUH!!! Ahh the many times I've spent on Live chanting it down the mic with my mates as we own face...

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I dunno, I don't really look at games for music.
I've always thought that the theme to BF1942 was epic and perfectly fitting, I was always kind of gutted that BF2 only had bastardised Middle-Eastern and Asian versions, (the EU version - or was that Armoured Fury? -  was passable but still not as cool as the original Bf1942.) When I played Crysis Warhead I thought the music was pretty good for that, better than the original anyway.

I notice a few things. Like I liked some of the random guitar pieces some of the NPCs would start to play in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. Not really one to give game music much thought unless it strikes me as particularly well placed.
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List in no apparent order. (they are all my favourite)

-Company of heroes (both packs)

Uzique wrote:

Would be criminal to have a game-soundtrack thread without mentioning Nobuo Uematsu, have some of his original piano compositions and they're fantastic.
I've only got the soundtrack to FF8, but that alone makes it obvious that Uematsu is a genius. (Favorite tracks include: Compression of Time, The Legendary Beast, Man with the Machine Gun, Premonition, and of course, Shuffle or Boogie)

Also I recommend anyone who likes electronic music (especially trance) to check out the Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner soundtrack by Norihiko Hibino (also did some work on the MGS series). Notable tracks: Jehuty - Vivid Transparency, Ardjet, and my favorite, Zakat.

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Fucking epic.
i didn't notice the music in the game, hell i didn't notice anything except the hot girls.
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Burnout 3 tbqf.
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- Pretty much all C&C music (Act on Instinct ftw)
- CoD4 and CoDWaW. Some of the WaW muic was pretty epic, like storming the reichstag with some techno/rock thumping in your mind
- Im with Fenris, MoH:AA had some awesome tunes
- Battlefield, ofc. (China theme and MEC ftw)
- Also, Im with Ty. Some of the Stalker guitar solos were good. I downloaded a pack of them, but only really like one.
- CoH had some pretty good game music too, for what it was.
Actually thinking the First MOH: Frontline had some really nice music.
Still remember the last mission where you have to steal the german jet.
or at the mission where you infiltrate a german building.

Beduin wrote:

Hitman 2, C&C Generals/Zero Hour , Freedom Fighters

Just love Jesper Kyd's work
Agreed with this, Jesper Kyd did awesome with the Hitman series.

My fave soundtracks:

-Hitman 2/3/4
-Half Life 1/2
-Timesplitters 2/3
-Unreal Tournament 2003
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aerodynamic wrote:

Missing, Presumed Dead

DefCon-17 wrote:


Fucking epic.
Even though its good, a lot of it is remixed.

Which is why the RA1 soundtrack is the best, with C&C95 in a very very close second.
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Transport Tycoon Deluxe hells yeah

But fer srs, Red Alert. Total Annihilation has prutty kewl music if you're into classical. I'd actually like to hear it again but the game can't see the audio tracks on the image I made
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MGS, all of them, not too familiar with 2's soundtrack though

MoH games

COD games

BF2's opening theme
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The trance/techno from HL2 and episodes is pretty good aswell imho...

and ofcourse:
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Cheez wrote:

Transport Tycoon Deluxe hells yeah
so I'm not the only one who whores that game
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Snake wrote:

DefCon-17 wrote:


Fucking epic.
Even though its good, a lot of it is remixed.

Which is why the RA1 soundtrack is the best, with C&C95 in a very very close second.
The only songs that were remixed were HM1 and Grinder. Everything else (Soviet March, HM3, the shit you hear in game) was orginial. Not only that but other than the first half of the first Hell March, the RA1 soundtrack wasn't that good.

So RA3 it is.

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