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So, where did you get yours?

Sarum, you might or might not have guessed, has it's roots Tolkien fiction. I've carried it through several games, but it started with Sarum TheBlack, an Avilonian fire wizard in Dark Age of Camelot (euro version, since I'm from the UK, before anyone from the US asks me if I ever met them), mainly because I read the full trilogy only a week or so before I created my DAoC account. Sarum, and sometimes TheBlack have been my main identifiers ever since. Sometimes I'll use variants, so any female characters I roll in RPGs/MMOGs are generally something Black, Kath and Lucy being my favourite roots for some reason known only to my subconscious mind (Lucilli Black in EVE, Kath'n Black in CoH for example).

I've since found out Sarum is actually a place, and a pretty important one historically speaking, here in England. It's near Salisbury, and was for quite a while a centre of political and religious power.. in fact there's a fair bit of evidence a couple of kings used Sarum as their main home. At some point (a google search will tell you) the church decided it needed a new, bigger cathedral, and so moved a short distance to the banks of a nearby river. Initially it was to be called New Sarum, but Salisbury is the name we have now.

Usually I'd use Sarum for RPG type games, and TheBlack in FPS type stuff... however, I couldn't register TheBlack for BF2, so I'm Sarum.
In Hoc Signo Vinces
+1|5761|Netherlands, the
I've been Preacher since the day I started gaming in 1997. The name was given to me by my army-mates because of the fact that I have a tendancy to use my whole body (esp. my arms/hands) to express myself and I can talk/debate (preach) for hours. Since I am also interested in many religions the name came almost naturally .

"Gee, John... You look like a friggin Preacher", one stated one night and they called me that ever since. Nothing fancy, nothing special.
Suicide Operations
Well... in 1990 I (secretly) fell in love with an exchange student from Ireland. Her name was Murphy, which is "Murchu" in Irish Gaelic. "NĂ­" is the female prefix for names, her brother, for example, is "O'Mhurchu". The "h" inbetween "M" and "u" denotes the genitive form, so you can think of "of Murphy". The pronunciation, by the way, is kinda "nee-wOrk-oo" (with the stress on the capital o).
OK, I am male, and chose a female's name as my nick, but -- who cares? Or: who knows, except I put that public in an internet forum?

Edit: whoever is interested:

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Moving Target
I have a burning monkey tattooed on my back.  Seems reasonable enough.
T5 gemustert
well....... mh.... it could be hard to explain my name

(in-game) hitman -- I used to have this leather jacket and a friend said I looked like a professional killer. Meh, not the best story.

(everywhere else) chuyskywalker -- 'chuy' was my name during my 4 years of high school spanish where I had to pick a "spanish" name to use while in class. The skywalker part just got added to make it so I could register it (because chuy it pretty much always taken.
Artillery catcher
+5|5764|Munich, Germany
not such a long story for me.

my real name is Mortimer and a friend with whom i played a lot of Quak2 always called me mort.
so i decided that my first online game name would be mort4u and it is it since then, around 1996.

the french and italiens think its quite funny cause "mort" is dead in french and my other nick anme in RL morti wich means "the dead" in italien and "mord" in german is murder.

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Moving Target

chuyskywalker wrote:

(in-game) hitman -- I used to have this leather jacket and a friend said I looked like a professional killer. Meh, not the best story.

(everywhere else) chuyskywalker -- 'chuy' was my name during my 4 years of high school spanish where I had to pick a "spanish" name to use while in class. The skywalker part just got added to make it so I could register it (because chuy it pretty much always taken.
Don't know what you are complaining about, most every one's has been better than mine.
My name is from a piece of music by a band called MOGWAI.

Helicon has several meanings but the one I prefer is a mystical shield that ancient greek warriors protected themselves with in battle.
Sleep Deprived
Ron Ball was a knob I went to school with who got into a fight with a buddy of mine (still is).  Ron Ball lost the fight but I always re-tell the story that he won.  Anyway, I used to play Armored Core (PS1) against the same buddy and would call myself Ronball.  As I built different versions of my Armored Core (kind of like Mechs) the last varient was called Ronball9, and I have tended to use it ever since for a lot of online activities.
My favorite character in a D&D type game was a magic-user/thief called Cavendel. I have used that title for most on-line games and tons of site login names.
Sausage Fest!!!!
+3|5761|Claremont, NC
Humm......I dunno where "atomicredhead" came from, it just seemed to pop up in my head one day....

That isn't all that interesting....
+66|5766|Missoula, MT
I just thought of mine as well, not too interesting.  This is my first online gaming experience and it seemed like fun playing as commander in the BF2 Demo, so that's it. 

Now I think that's what I'll try to play as mostly, quite a different experience than on the battlefront in a squad.  Very rewarding to help out the sqauds when they need it.  Not to mention the thrill of taking out enemy troops with arty.
+31|5749|St. Louis, MO
I've had mine since BF1942.It was a term i used to hear a lot when i was a cab driver.Just thought it would make a good screen name people would remember.
Dead Man Walkin
+1|5751|Albuquerque, NM
Weeell way on back in 7th grade our class was tasked to make a "don't smoke" type poster for a project that could have any subject you wanted.  So, me and one of my friends made a poster with a huge comic strip about a stickman with a top hat named Mr. Bad Idea.  Mr. Bad Idea smoked everywhere he went, and in the end he got thrown off a bus into moving traffic.  Then he tried smoking in a full body cast in a hospital and caught on fire.  Heh, the dangers of smoking.  Ever since then I've used Mr. Bad Idea or some form thereof in every online game or e-mail or whatever that I can do it in.

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Mine consists of 3 Chinese characters sounding "low", "yau" and "kee", which means buddy, good friends in the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language.  That's the reason why I play online games, to make more friends.
Games I've played as 'sinir' (been the same nick since '98)


Since I have had a Gamespy account under sinir for years I couldn't use the same nick for BF2, Im still pissed about it, thus sinnir

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I'm back, baby... ( sort of )
+664|5766|Cologne, Germany

B.Schuss is a bit difficult to explain to people who don't speak german. roughly translated, to be under "Beschuss" means being under fire / being barraged. I simply dropped the "e" because during pronounciation you can't hear it anyways. Furthermore, B. is the clantag for my funclan, all whose members have those funny names, for example B.Kloppt ( being "bekloppt" means crazy ) and B.Haart ( to be "behaart" means to have a lot of body hair, i.e. hairy dude ).

So it is both a clantag and the beginning of a more or less funny german word.

Personally, I picked B.Schuss ( = Beschuss ) because it fits into the overall scheme of shooter games, be it CS, DOD, COD or the Battlefield Series.
Kilroy Is Here!
+81|5769|Bryan/College Station, TX
Well lets see. When I was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University there is a tradition where the Juniors of my cadet company (C-2) give nicknames to the Freshman class. These nicknames are given in accordance to something that stands out about the Freshman. They are also quite drunk when giving these names so sometimes they either are crazy or don't make sense.  Now also Upperclassmen can also send Freshman on "Details" basically missions of either importance or simply playing a prank on their classmen. So this is where the Kilroy name comes in.

Eric Faulkner a Junior of mine at the time sent me to find Anthony Littman one of his buddies. So I looked about the dorm for him and found that he was taking a shit in the community bathroom. I went back to Eric and told him where Anthony was. Well Eric told me to go back and look over the stall and stare at him. Which may seem like a screwed up request but we do all kinds of fucked up things in the Corps of Cadets so this wasn't anything abnormal in the strange categories.

So I went back and stood in front of the door to the stall. Put my hands on the top of the door and slowly looked over. He was reading a newspaper when he suddenly realized that someone was staring at him from over the stall door. He looked at me with bewilderment and then said in a calm manner, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" which I replied back with, "Sir, Junior Detail, Sir!".  As Freshman you have to start and end any sentence with Sir.

So from his vantage point sitting on the toilet what he saw was the infamous Kilroy image. Also as a Freshman you don't have any hair or at least VERY little since its all mostly shaved off. Think Basic Training short hair.

Needless to say when it was time to give me a nickname several were blurted out. Keep in mind that I am also Half Japanese but I am rather large cuz my Dutch heritage makes me 6'3" tall.  So the nicknames had a slight Japanese feel to them. Kamakazi, Tojo, Rising Sun... When Littman finally said, "Kilroy". Well that seem to stick and so the Juniors gave me the nickname Kilroy.

Ever since them I have been using that nickname in one form or another on lists and in games. And well the 97 part comes form the fact that that was my year in College. Class of 97.

kilroy0097 was what wasn't taken in BF2. So that's what I used.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis
Radioactive Glo
+130|5763|A Small Isle in the Tropics

lowyaukee wrote:

Mine consists of 3 Chinese characters sounding "low", "yau" and "kee", which means buddy, good friends in the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language.  That's the reason why I play online games, to make more friends.
i saw your name in chinese in your email.. i couldnt help but smile. great name!

mine is Mikesh W.. mikesh being a nic a friend of mine gave me 16 years back because of my avid interest in Russian architecture.. MIkhail was just too passe. W is the first initial of my family name. just about as exciting as a flea climbing up the butt cheeks of a cow.

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Pew Pew!
+216|5773|San Francisco

My nickname, believe it or not, was not taken directly from the Jimi Hendrix song with the same title... though it most likely was indirectly as you will see.

One day in 1997 I was over at a friend's house watching some comedy central trying to come up with a spiffy handle to use online. There was this comedian on the television doing a standup routine (not entirely sure, but I *think* it may have been chris rock) and the set props he had in the background were two gigantic words VOODOO CHILD, and I was like 'Hey! That sounds pretty cool!' From then on I have been using that as my nick. So, although I didn't directly get it from Hendrix (he was a bit before my time... though he was an incredible guitarist!) I am pretty sure that the comedian most likely got 'voodoo child' from the famous song.
I've been ChineseKiwi ever sionce my Battlefield 1942 days

Self explained, I'm a Chinese New Zealander.
+1|5746|United Kingdom
Mine's from a someone who does body piercings called Quintin.
It's fun cause you can use it as an RP name.
Bullet Spammer
+2|5768|Tamworth, Australia
I started out as Ahriman, but I couldn't use that for bf2. I used to introduce myself online to people as Mark Ahriman (a character from one of my favourite author's books "False Memory" by Dean Koontz), and so I use Mark_Ahriman.
I got Ahriman originally from another book, dunno what it was called, but it sounded cool, and I have since discovered that it's the Persian's version of Satan...

... which pisses my best mates (Shard04)'s parents off to no end, since they are Pastors of a church lol
I'm half Japanese, half Afro.

well.. it's a mohawk now, but you can't see me over the net!! .. or can you?

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