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iz me!

Hey, me and Simon are planning to do a Fushe Boat Race.

I've done the map, and  Simon is doing the actual organising, teams, signups etc, as im not really active in the BF2 forums anymore, as I don't have the game.

The planning and stuff is all nice and dandy- now we just need a server we can use!

If I can remember correctly, the EU Mod server was used for the Forky Tourney, but it was De_Jappe who was involved with helping to set it up- but I don't thinks involved in the front running of the servers and more?

So, is there any chance we would be able to borrow the server for 1 night in January to have a epic race?

If there is a "yes", then there will be a need FTP access to the server to....
  • New for Fushe_Pass
  • New
  • May need some md5 checksome files renaming to prevent Punkbuster Kicks.
So files will need to be changed on the server- but backups can easily be made, and there will be no lasting damage, so to speak- just a bit of file changing.

If there is an initial "yes", I will be able to provide more information, talk to whoever I need to talk to, and to get files to the people who need them.
If it's a "no", then no worries... i'll just have to hunt around a bit to find a server we can use!

Thanks in advance,

Support fanatic :-)

Send a PM to Schuss and/or Liquidator
Wait behind the line ..............................................................
something else

Varegg wrote:

Send a PM to Schuss and/or Liquidator

Reply to PM wrote:

Sounds good to me.

I'm unable to provide you with FTP access though. You'll have to send the files to me and I'll upload them.

So, yeah. Initial answer = yes.

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