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I have taken my time to list up the rcon tools I have found bt searching and reading here on the forum.

This isn't all the admin tools you can find, so if you do know about on that isn't on the list here post them here on the forum.
When posting a new rcon tool please use quotes with the rcon tool name for the quote "person", post some information about it and a screenshot or two. And a link to either the download page or direct download.
If you use direct download please include a link to the site so people can get support for it.

NameInfo LinkLink To Download
[AON] Admin Panel 3.1InfoDownload
RCON Mini-Admin 3 for COD4InfoDownload
ModernRcon v0.4InfoDownload
CoD RconToolInfoDownload

Okey, im done.. Post your stuff

I only have AON (Main One) and CoD RconTool so if someone need any help with that please do pm me or contact support on the forum

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Airdale Ops Network [AON] ( , a premier admin support and anti-cheat community serving the America's Army and Call of Duty 4 communities, is pleased to officially announce the Admin Panel 3.1 for COD4 with AONLive for COD4.  This tool, well known to some from the America's Army world, is the only tool to combine server setup and scripting for punkbuster, log streaming setup for Live Bans and anti-cheat monitoring, server file editing and a combination of PBUCON and Rcon in one small and efficient package.  The Admin Panel not only allows you to update your server with the push of 1 button, but it also allows real time management and monitoring for our Private Members. Even though the Admin Panel allows for extreme automation of menial tasks, it also allows those admins who wish to micromanage each script and setting to do that as well.

You can enjoy the workings of the new COD4 Admin Panel if you have a COD4 server, by downloading it HERE

The AON Admin Panel is for use by the general public and only a handful of features are locked down for our PSA's or Private Server Admins. Any Clan or Group can apply for PSA to get the full benefits.  The AON Community is a service group...while we accept, rely on, and encourage donations, all support and membership is free of charge.   

Lets walk through some of the setup items and features:

Account Setup: Each user has their own account managed by the AON Staff. This portion of the panel handles two functions. The first is your authorization, the second being the "Shared XML" feature available to the public. This feature allows multiple administrators to sync their panels and never have mismatched information.  Many times admins are frustrated by having to keep trading information on server setting changes and server bans day after day. This feature allows for each admin to always see each others changes/additions/deletions.

The Server Config Tab contains setup information for FTP and PBUCON access. As you will notice, there are "instance" numbers. The Admin Panel can support the management of theoretically unlimited numbers of servers, though we currently have a "soft" 15 server limit. The left hand side is reserved for FTP information. The right hand side is set aside for PBUCON setup information.  The bottom right is our Instance Script Editor where PB information that is server specific like web tool or specific task messages can be entered. Instance scripts only get delivered to the specific server listed. At the top right you will see your favorite button, the one-touch "update scripts" button.  This will update all enabled server instances at once.

The Global Script Editor is a Punkbuster Script Editor.  Here you can see some default scripting. Each line in the Global Script Editor is merged and delivered to every server that gets updated. Common settings for punkbuster, screen shot settings, common rules, etc. can all be placed here. At the time scripts are updated, these settings/configs are merged with the downloaded anti-cheat scripting then placed on your server.

The Script/Ban Options Tab allows you to customize what data is provided to your server by AON. You can choose to include any or all script settings. If you wish to exclude, for example, protecttag simply uncheck it and our protecttag list will not be distributed to the server. We, of course, recommend enabling all scripts as they are maintained daily. The middle section allows you to choose which ban lists you want to have running on your server. Your choices are any or all of the following: AON, PBBans, Punksbusted.  The far right section is set aside for private member choices and the very bottom is an editor that allows you to customize the AON scripts version and download date display options on your server. The most important feature of the Script/Ban Options tab is AONLive. AONLive is a real time ban management system combined with live streaming and parsing of data. Enabling the AONLive system is the best protection for your server as it ties all community servers together in blocking cheaters from playing.  An example of this:

Your server is #382 out of all the servers streamed to us. A player uses a cheat on server #185 and gets caught via PB or our cheat detection. His kick is registered by the AONLive system and is found to be bannable. 1 second after that player is detected, the ban for that player is issued to ALL AONLive servers. This prevents cheaters from bouncing server to server waiting for ban lists to get updated and playing without any hassle. Each server contributes to the AONLive system and each server benefits from the others. All bans issued by AON Master Ban List Managers are also added live to your server. You do not have to update anything in order to always have our real time ban list running on your server. Screen shots approved for bans and log lines that require human intervention are reviewed and banned throughout the day. Those additions (and removals) are automatic/real time.

The Personal Bans tab allows you to place GUID or IP bans (via Punkbuster) on your server.  While there is Rcon banning and a ban.txt file resident on your server, we highly recommend converting them to PB GUID bans as these are the hardest to avoid. By maintaining your personal ban list within the AP you are also backing up this data regularly.  The extensive help file explains in depth how to properly enter GUID and IP bans for the punkbuster system. You can also exclude GUID's from ever being banned. As a server owner we would hope that anyone banned for cheating would be blocked from playing but with it being your server we give you the option to allow a banned player to play on your specific server.

The File Editor Tab allows you to edit any file in the Main or PB folder currently and without dragging out yet another FTP client.  Everything can be done from within the panel as you can see here:

Below is the public version of our rcon client. In the first of the two pictures you will see the standard player info screen. The other two tabs allow you to enter any rcon command via a command line and to perform an automated "quick edit" of common server variables on the fly.

The PBUCON Client is available to PSA (Private Members) only. This is an exquisite realtime monitoring and management tool.  The first tab is a fully functional Punkbuster console and config screen. Not only do your server's punkbuster logs scroll realtime but also off to the right you can see each and every screen shot received by the server displayed.  This is a dream for the hands on server admin.

The next private screen is the stats/chat tab. Here you can see all players on the server as well as real-time bi-directional chat.  You can not only see your player's chat real time but talk to the server as well. This has already become invaluable to many server admins.

The private version of the rcon tab within the ucon section is a souped up version of the public client.  There are many more features including player commands (kick/ban via 1 click).

The last section of private tools is the screenshot browser/scanner. As you can see below, all players who have screen shots stored on your server are displayed on the far left. Clicking the name brings up the list of all of their specific screen shots in the next box to the right. Clicking any shot number displays the full size shot to the right of it.  The Auto-Detection/Scanning engine is being tweaked but much like the scanner for AA it will eventually provide automated SS cheat detection allowing you to merely hit scan and walk away returning to a list of "suspect" screen shots.

As you can see the Airdale Ops Network is committed to serving the server admin. Not only do we provide hands on assistance with any and all server issues, we provide a diligent anti-cheat package as well.  Through our player history, the AON Live system, and daily research, AON is the ultimate supplement to punkbuster. We utilize their tools to the fullest. All of the tools features and functions require no modding to your server in any way, shape, or form.  We believe in helping to level the playing field without altering or circumventing game code. Integrity is the most important value any anti-cheat organization can have and we take it very seriously.  We encourage you to try the Admin Panel, become PSA's and become part of the AON Live system. We are available via Teamspeak to help one on one getting things setup and running.  None of the tools we use will affect server performance and, in fact, many of our configuration recommendations actually improve performance. Using the AON Admin Panel and the AON Live system can only benefit you, and benefit the others in the entire COD4 community.  We hope you enjoy the tools and more importantly enjoy the game more with the free time they provide.
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rCon Mini-Admin 3 for COD4 wrote:

RCon mini Admin 2 was the most popular servers Administrationstool for call OF Duty 2. With rCon mini Admin 3 now also the call of Duty of 4 players will come into the benefit of the program.

english language is build in as language file - simply go to "datei" "einstellungen" and there is a language dropdown

Visit the Forum:

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ModernRcon v0.4 wrote:

That's right - ModernRcon v0.4 is now available for download. The biggest most notable added feature will be the realtime in-game chat monitoring that we've added. Now be warned, this uses the PBUCON console, so it is not nearly as well-supported as the rest of the tool.

Also note, to use the chat monitoring portion of the tool, you will need access to your router / firewall to forward a UDP port of your choosing. If you follow on-screen guides you should be okay.

A brief listing of current features is as follows:

    * Save servers to a server list.
    * Configure basic settings (hardcore mode, auto-balance, friendly fire, etc).
    * Realtime in-game chat monitoring thanks to PBUCON.
    * Load new maps, configure gametypes, and setup map rotations.
    * Schedule server messages and save those messages for loading later.
    * And so much more!

I'd also like to send a thanks out to Alberto Rosano aka "Ros". Without him, I would not have been able to get ModernRcon v0.4 out as soon as I did. While I was struggling with the chat logging, he stepped in and made the Basic Settings panel. Kudos to him for his contribution!

Be sure to leave your feedback, and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Remember: you must have the latest version of JAVA to use ModernRcon!.

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CoD RconTool wrote:

CoD RconTool is the most advanced remote controller for Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4.

Note: Screenshot not correct from the currect version!

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Good one, really helpful +1
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Cheers, there is a lot more rcon tools, but I won't be bothered to search for them.
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Excellent!  +1 to you sir

Been looking for this for quite a while and I just seem to be plagued with counterstrike commands........


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