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For those of you who don't know the sequel to the mindblowing forgotten hope mod for 1942 is now released for bf2 as Forgotten Hope 2.

In my opinion it is much better than bf2, the first one definitly was.

It may be a long download but it is surely worth it, you can find download mirrors at TotalBf2. If you download it today you won't be able to play it untill 19:00 GMT though, since it is that time when the password is released to unpack the whole thing, but it ain't a long wait.

Tonnes of great ww2 maps, covering almost every, if not every battle of ww2, every army that took part in ww2 is included, not just basics like Russia, Britain, US and Germany. Finland, Poland, France, Italy, Japan, Canada and Australia are also included in the game. Pretty much every vehicle from ww2 is also included.

Forgotten Hope 1 had plenty of full servers, so I believe there is no need to worry of things like no servers, or no players active.

I've already teased and spoiled enough though, so get downloading.

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It is a nice mod, I've tried it. However I'm interested in modern warfare now.
Download it ppl! … ng=english

Nice mod! Wawaweewa!!

(For norwegian ppl, this is a good forumpage: … opic=95625)
nice mod ruined with too many vehicles. i uninstalled it after couple tries coz im not intrested to sit in tank all game.. I liked infanty part of the game coz those nice weapons but again, there is not mutch to celebrate with them if u dont find a way to shoot tank with ur rifle

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