sorry you feel that way
and it's annoying the fuck out of myself so I was just wondering how (if anyone has gone through depression before) has dealt with it, all I do is play games and sleep, if I go on like this I won't pass school - and I don't want that.

But seriously it's hard to concentrate myself on really anything - All I do every day is play games to get my mind off all the worries and if I don't I sleep and well it needs to stop.
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Stop playing video games then and suck it up.
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Try doing something physical like working out or playing sports with your friends during your free time that will counter both the games and the sleep problem which is making you depressed. You wont be playing as much games and the physical activity will make you want to sleep more.
There is a point when you know youve done something too much and I think youve reached it.

EDIT: and usmarine2005 hes depressed i dont think a blunt ignorant response like that will help him.

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You have a roof over your head and food to eat.  Not to mention video games and an education.  You have it easy.  Try being a kid your age in Africa or something.

Be a man an stop feeling sorry for yourself.
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Got homework or some other school work that needs doing?
Just get off your ass and do them regulary and you feel a lot better already.
Trust me. If you have friend at school, just hang out or go to the movies or something.

If all that fails, just hang on BF2s like the rest of us
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Nothing people say here will change how you think. Life is what you make it.

Welcome to my world...
I've gone through clinical depression before and understand how it feels.
PM me if you need to talk to someone.
Unfortunately all you'll get here in response to your thread is a bunch of snide remarks
I'm closing this topic because I know how poorly this community will treat a serious topic like depression.

(Edit: Snide remarks as demonstrated above ^ and below v )

Problem: depression.
Correct response: "shut the fuck up and get over it"?

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