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I often get connection issues in game that will disconnect me. Occasionally I can check the stats part that shows points, team points, kills, deaths, and your ping. My ping is usually between 60-90, usually around 70. The games aren't particularly laggy. Also, I'm playing plugged in and not over Wireless.

I try to make sure that nothing else is running while I'm playing that would drain the bandwidth (like FireFox/IE, Limewire, torrents, etc)

I'm running version 1.40.
I'm Jamesey
Do a Research Noob
First things first, you should try a full router reset. virus scans, spyware scans etc, failing those try phoning your ISP and asking for a line check.

Do you do a lot of peak time downloading? it could be a FUP in place.
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Could be the beta, its a beta for a reason, just go back to 1.25.  If that works fine it shoudl tell you what the problem is.

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