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To start off my problems I did search and used this topic to help me I followed these steps

1. Install BF2 by setting the install.exe to XP emulation.
2. Install BF2 patch 1.41 no changes needed.
3. Install BF2:SF by setting the install.exe to XP emulation.
4. Install BF2:EF no changes needed.
5. Install BF2:AF no changes needed.
6 Install BF2 patch 1.41 no changes needed.
7. Right click on shortcut > properties > click compatibility tab > check emulation for Windows XP > check "Run this program as an administrator." > Click Ok(Do this for both BF2 and BF2:SF!)
8. Play!!!

and I when I went into a multi player game it kicked me saying I have an in valid cd-key. I know for fact I have a clean copy of bf2 I used windows xp sp2 before and set the compatibility to windows sp2 instead of windows xp. I tried all those steps 3 times before I made this post and still got the same cd key invalid message. If anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this problem that would be great, karma for the person that tells me how to fix this and it works ( as an award )

system specs

intel core dou 2.4 @ 3.1
4 gigs of ram
640mb graphics card
700 watt PSU
hummm?  o dont have vista
iz me!

Warlords FAQ wrote:

CDKEY Issues

Problem - Invalid CDKEY when trying to join a server
Cause - Unencrypted CDKEY or bad Key
Fix - First Try this Program
If that does not help, Use battlefield2_code.exe to re-enter your CDKEY, this can be located in the support folder of where you installed battlefield 2 on your Hard-Drive.
After re-entering your CDKEY you must then reapply the latest patch in order for it to be encrypted into the registry.
If that doesn't work, you will have to do a manual reinstall- steps of which can be found here

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Go Cards !!
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Anyone else have any ideas ? I tried what he said and now I'm able to get into 1bf2 server, but the rest still say invalid cd key.

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