What top 5 factors is your clan looking for in a recruit?

High Performance/L337 in Specific Kit/Vehicle7%7% - 7
Jack of All Trades/Decent Player at all Kits/Vehicles12%12% - 11
Age/Maturity17%17% - 16
Courtesy/Sportsmanship13%13% - 12
Teamwork/Follows Orders18%18% - 17
Website/Admin/Technical Experience6%6% - 6
Determination/Loyalty7%7% - 7
Attendance/On Time For Practices6%6% - 6
Location/Distance/Ping6%6% - 6
Cash Flow/Donates Fare Share Of Server Costs2%2% - 2
Total: 90
Jeepers Creepers
+136|6397|Peoria, Illinois
Pick only five please.
Jeepers Creepers
+136|6397|Peoria, Illinois
If you are a recruiter for a clan, make sure you get in on this poll. It should certainly give an general idea of what a recruit should strive for before looking for a clan.
Dude, if your looking for a clan come to DKS teamspeak at we play in cal, twl, and the wourld tourny. we are a pretty well known clan around BF2. we play everyday and have 4 servers. 2 bf and 2 sf servers. come check us out. the website is http://dksclan.net or xfire me at minion24 or the leaders xfire is 6snake6heretic6.

Hope to cya soon.

Last edited by Minion (2005-12-19 17:23:25)

Great poll.

I'm betting Age/Maturity comes out on top.
Jeepers Creepers
+136|6397|Peoria, Illinois
It looks like it so far and I'd say it is one of the biggest determining factors for our clan. We've turned down serveral people since they couldn't "behave" on TS.

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