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i dont know if anyone here has heard of him but in australia he is famous for black hawking.
he gets hundreds of kills just from gunning in a BH with his friend and i also BH with my friend and we're pretty good but the most kills wev ever gotten in a round is 60. does anyone know wat es doing thats so different and so effective?
im a fucking .....well not now
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he's hitting the target more.....

iv never heard of him i must admit.
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Yeah I've played against him(and you I think). His clan is ARK right?
He gets really low down, and his pilot(his friend) gives him the best shooting options.

He is also a good shot.

I cheat.
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yeh im an aussie ive actually experienced his chopper skills on wake 2007 hes a fkn freq xcept i didnt c a driver just h im by himself in a blackhawk

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