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We had a little discussion in Ryan's tut thread (sorry Ryan), about when your work can be considered your own. This is an important discussion, so I made a thread, dedicated to debating this topic.

Basically, we were debating if it's ok to use other's c4d's/brushes in your sig, and still call it your own. We were also debating if you can call an image manip your own work.

IMO, A good indicator to show whether or not a sig is 100% yours, is asking yourself "Can I sell my sig?"

Can Ryan sell his sig? No, he uses someone else's c4d's
Can Zimmer sell his sigs? No, he uses someone else's picture
Can Bernadictus sell his London 2012 logo? Yes, he made it himself from scratch

I understand that you could think "wth, the photographer only used a split second to take that image, even I can do that - Why can't I just use his?", which is true, but you have to remember that the photographer has probably taken 100s of images to find that perfect lighting, or that perfect angle. Photographers are also artists!

I think we all agree that it is ok to take other images, brushes and C4d's and use them in our sigs, as long as it is 1) not for sale or 2) not a competition entry at the hard-core GFX site, as Zimmer pointed out.

The question is, when can we say that the sig is ours?

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Jenspm wrote:

The question is, when can we say that the sig is ours?
Use paint, or just lie or something
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I think I made my point clear in that sig.. but unfortunatly that is now deleted, and I have no more time for tonight, have to prepare my final small bits for my exam tomorrow.. if a mod sees it and can extract my posts from that deleted thread and pm/email them to me I'd be very happy!...

- thanks in advance if possible..

good luck discussing this, it might end up being transfered to the D&ST before we are done

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True Jenspm.

I never intend to sell my sigs, nor does anyone else here (I'm pretty sure).
C4Ds, stocks, renders, pictures, whatever, or out there for people to use. Deviant Art has users that make brush packs for Photoshop users like us to use. That's why they made them. PlanetRenders has C4D's that user made for people like us to use.

Just make sure when you take something, you make sure it isn't copyrighted.
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Well, I don't even know where I can get c4ds :S

Google lies!

When I make sigs, I hardly consider this. As long as I'm not stealing ideas from another sig (I'd like mine to be original, or as original as can be) then I don't care. I make sigs based on requests. Not to sell, or as an "art" form. It's just something fun to do in my spare time to keep me in practice with photoshop, as well as try new things with the program. Most people I make them for request certain images of their choosing to be included in the sig. Not much I can do about it in that scenario is there?

No one is profiting from the sigs I make, so it shouldn't matter. They're just for fun.
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none of these hasselhoff pictures are mine, anyone want to buy it from me?

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