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I've been looking around on different forums to see the reason for this issue and came across this
It appears this has happened before, and it looks like it will only get worse before it gets better.  I hope the info helps.

Oh, and for those who don't want to read it, this person has contacted his server owner and received a new server.  After finding out it wasn't the server, there had been many complaints.  It was later verified that this was an issue.  EA has verified that all stats that were lost, won't be recorded.  Anything over the past 3 has will not be recorded.  This is a random occurrence and it MAY not happen to you.  According to them, the problem is getting worse though so beware that your stats might not be recorded.

It's EA's support website verifying the stats system being down, if you wish, it will allow an e-mail to be sent when the stats begin updating again.

Edit: As of 6/26

Casartelli wrote:


>>ye Violet needs to put that post in gamer terms. lol cause its lil confusing.<<

Hehe. Sorry. Here's the less official-sounding version.

The issue has been indentified and a fix is in place to make sure everything you are doing on ranked servers from now on is counted normally.


All the stats since the time this issue started are just sitting there in a lump waiting to be sent through and added to your stats. So for the next few days (maybe up to a week depending on the number of updates that need to go through) it might look like stats are broken, because you won't see new updates. Once the old data is processed and we catch up, then you'll be back to normal with all the stats you are supposed to have (plus normal stat processing going forward).

So, yes, your stats from the outage time should be safe and will start to be processed back into your soldier stats.

As far as a final report of the issue and the fix, I expect that we'll have a full update on that once they've been able to make sure all your stats go through from the outage and everything is working. I'll continue to update you on those items.

It appears that the stats are fixed and we will be getting our old stats back.  It may not appear that you are getting your stats because of the major pile-up.

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It does help thx +1
I like big butts, and I cannot lie.
Well thats great. I guess no stats
Vroom Vroom

Capt.Irviding wrote:

Well thats great. I guess no stats
I decided to take a break for a few days since I've lost over 600 points, medals, and time.
Because f*ck you that's why.
+400|5671|Reisterstown, MD

No big deal really.  Go play for fun then. 
Use the bumper, that's what its for!
+103|5674|Lexington, Kentucky
Well shoot. And to think I completely pwned the enemy commander all last night.

And not a thing has updated. Here I thought it was the weekend lag.

french canadians suck
Wierd. I played 2 rounds of karkand tonigt and they both updated, but I didn't get my points from Wake this morning.

killer21 wrote:

No big deal really.  Go play for fun then. 
I would, but 2 reasons I'm not going to, 1 is that I lost all of those, and 2, the time I DO play for fun, will probably be the time that it counts, and I'll probably have some ridiculous score =P.
scout rush kekeke ^___^
+116|5638|Brisbane, Aus

lame... all that award whoring for nothing..
Wannabe Heli Whore
FUCK I has mad jet hours....
It would suck if for some random reason, everyone's stats got reset...
S0tp R4p1nG u5!!1one
+47|5612|Donnacona, Quebec
I just played a couple games and the stats updated on BFHQ

fisher339 wrote:

It would suck if for some random reason, everyone's stats got reset...
Dont joke like that! I love my expert explosives badge! Amd i'm lucky i got it a few days before the stats went down.

FredFLQ wrote:

I just played a couple games and the stats updated on BFHQ
Which server ?  Heh.. ....

Yep..... 48 supposed points from getting WCR.  Played several different servers with no update whatsoever over past couple of days.

Way to go EA. ..... Do we have a follow-up nightmare along lines of patch 1.3 or momentary trouble ?

Do know that stats are not reason to play the game but have definitely worked towards getting certain awards. 

Was talking with co-worker/co-player recently.  We would rather EA improve load times... ... server list refreshing.. .... etc than half-arsed new content + features.
Could get rid of gold/silver/bronze medals as well as glitched out & buggy favorite victim garbage.  Save need to register those stats for every player.   Prefer streamlined game.
that would explain why ,over the past 5 days,, i got my my captain rank on 5 different occasions!!,,FK i hate playing for nothing!!!
EA, has just lost the internets
awesome, I just got a new kill streak of like 80 too...fark.
i had my 2 best rounds

I also gained what would be 1000+ points

BUT, i still had fun...

I was wondering why my points stayed the same...


Hmm... time for me to get job...
+140|5568|Armidale, NSW, Australia

Fenix14 wrote:

lame... all that award whoring for nothing..
Cool, I was wondering if I'd get a new worst enemy to add to my tally Bloody Sharqi.

killer21 wrote:

No big deal really.  Go play for fun then. 
If you think you play for fun you're in denial. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I NEED my stats updated.

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+4|5290|Good Old Blitey
i  played i a game last thursday where i got my got veteran ordinance explosives badges so i guess i'll not get get it now until EA wakes up and starts recording again, fucking wankers they are, i gotta go plant all them fucking claymores again
Squirrels, natures little speedbump.

David.Podedworny wrote:

It does help thx +1
That helps LOADS definitely +1.
+70|5396|Newcastle UK
hahha no one would believe me when i said stats were not updating "aww its the weekend bla bla bla"
online bf2s mek evasion
nice! this is literally the only weekend i have ever played well, and the stats dont update.

well thats sod's law for you
See my profile

i dont think that the problem is the weekend.

My stats dead in 13/06/07, wednesday.

, maybe in flew days, i think.

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