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Guitar poll for our musicians in here! Help Slayi to find a new baby..

Gibson Les Paul Studio66%66% - 26
ESP Eclipse II23%23% - 9
ESP LTD EC50010%10% - 4
Total: 39
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Hi, this one goes to our guitarplayers and/or musicians out there.

I want to buy a new baby. As I´ve tend to some classical body shapes lateley I though about a Fender Tele or Strat first (as I´ve never owned a US Fender by now). But as those guitars have singlecoil pickups I really cant krank them up for shredding. It´s just not my tone!

So I want another Les Paul. But not the regular Les Paul Std., Custom or Studio because of the purpose. I´ll only play Metal in a C-tuning with this baby. I dont want to use it for Rock, I dont want to use it for Jazz, neither Blues. Only distorted Metal!

As I´ve already own a Gibson Les Paul Std. with Burstbuckers and a Studio with Seymour Duncan SH4/JB59 I must say that those babies dont sound too good in high gain with dropped tunings. Of course their tone is awesome, but honestly the Paula and the pickups arent made for lower tunings, everything lower than D sounds muddy (my opinion).

So, after this is solved, yeah, I want a Paula with EMG´s (I know, dont punch me) on it.

These three ladies are in my view so far.
Gibson Les Paul Studio "guitar of the week" with EMG 81/81 colour: BLACK
Price: 1.999 €
ESP Eclipse II with EMG 60/81 colour: BLACK or WHITE
Price: 1.699 €
ESP LTD EC 500 with EMG 60/81 colour: BLACK or WHITE
Price: 729 €

Atm, I think the LTD is the best bang for the buck.

If you can recommend any other Paula with similar features (I dont care for the brand) please do so.

Note: I want to buy it new, and my fav. colour for this is white!

this remains in Junk Drawer

Can it be.. ..rough in it's appearance? Ref: my own Paula

If yes, then you might want to go for the Truckster!
James Hetfield signature in the picture

- Single cutaway, solid body
- 22 frets, jumbo
- Bridge: EMG-81
- Neck:   EMG-60
- Spertzel locking tuners + TonePros locking bridge / stop tailpiece


As for the choices above, I'd take the Gibby for it's wonderful Gibsonawsomeness, or the Eclipse II (to which I put my vote) for the pickup-combination (which is almost the same in all three) and the overall finish. Just a solid matte black is teh boring, IMHO.
I need around tree fiddy.
The Gibson Les Paul Studio looks awesome.
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out of the ESP's id go for the Eclipse II....but out of the Les and the ESP is probs ur decision...i cant decide

ESP Eclipse II cos it looks almost as sexy as yourself. :blush:
+72|5160|Chelmsford, UK
Eclipse II looks well cool
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@Donnie: well, although I like the relic look of some guitars, like the Gibson Les Paul BFG, I dont want to waste money for a name/signature.
The truckster has the same features of the LTD EC500 but is 200-220 € more expensive. Na.

About the plain colour, yeah, it´s boring. That´s why I want a white (so non metal) guitar! But I´ve only seen the ESP and LTD in other colours than black so far. Seems the Gibson is only supplied in black And I cant afford a white finished custom Gibson, neither would I mod up a Standard white Gibson with EMGs by myself.

About the ESP, well, as you might know ESP and LTD is the same. ESP´s are build in Japan, LTD´s in Korea. There is a LTD EC1000 Deluxe (990 €) which has the same bindings and look as the ESP. Do I need those Abalone bindings? I dunno.

In most reviews is stated that those LTD´s are just the same as the ESP´s, but for a better course! Again, it´s just the name, I guess.

And yeah, about white, it´s soooooooooooooo sheckshey...
LTD EC1000

Drop the guitar and buy some drums. Everyone knows the Drummer gets laid first.

ESP Eclipse II is the best looking IMO.
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I swear that you're insanely rich. Don't you have about 4 top range PCs aswell?

But go for the Gibson Les Paul
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+1,137|5329|Hell, p.o box 666

3 top range PC´s, 1 low end. 3 BMW´s. 23 Guitars. A girl. A dog.

I´m not rich, I work hard (wait, what exactly am I doing right now) and have a good bank!
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23?! How could you possibly need a new one?
Support fanatic :-)

Gibson if you ask me and in black, white guitars looks so very gay

Can i have one of the old ones Jens ?
Wait behind the line ..............................................................
There is.
+1,380|5263|Devon, England
Ilove the look of a Les Paul (my guitar has has it ) So I would have said the Gibson, but I see that all 3 look the same...

But still, Gibson IMO nubby opinion owns.
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Dunno, to enlarge something maybe? Nah! As a guitar player you´re always searching for new babies, the ultimate sound and so on. Atm, non of my good guitars is fitting my needs.

And those 23 guitars arent all usefull, there are some cheap copies of my beginner days etc. If I only count the good guitars, I end up with 12.

My amount of guitars is below average. In a lifetime a average guitar players owns 17,7 guitars (fact)

Sl4y3r wrote:

yaaaaaaaay instruments!

my new babies:
B.C. Rich Kerry King signature 2007, my second of this kind, I also have a 2004 version.
B.C. Rich Kerry King Wartribe signature 2007

my fave:
ESP Michael Amott Ninja non custom

my les Paul clone
LTD Eclipse EC 500 <--I´ve sold this one to a friend and bought the Gibson LP studio, within three days!

my working mule … fm-tks.jpg
Ibanez SZ 520

my beauty … 1f-spb.jpg
Ibanez RG321 prestige

my 7string poser … 527-rb.jpg
Ibanez RG 1527

all pics taken from the websites

More to come! I cant bother to search for all 21 pics right now (yeah, I know, I´m a poser and have rich parents)
@Varegg: choose one.
Support fanatic :-)

I`ll take the Ibanez, any one will do

Last edited by Varegg (2007-06-14 05:59:19)

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Support fanatic :-)

Found a nice one for you Slayi ...

Tanglewood Skull El.gitar (ROCK3S-SKULL)
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Mass Media Casualty

Slayer, I hate to break this to you man but you have too many guitars, and I'm afraid that if you get a new one you'll have to give me one of your old ones. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

I like the Gibson Les Paul myself, but it's your decision. I don't like the cutaway on the Elipse, too sharp.
My dream guitar, either a Fender Telecaster Deluxe, (because they can take a royal thrashing and they look better than the normal Telecasters,) or a Maton MasterSound2000, (or MasterSound500 - I am undecided.)
[Blinking eyes thing]
+1,716|5305|St. Andrews / Oslo

Definately go for a Fender:
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+1,137|5329|Hell, p.o box 666

dead_rac00n wrote:

This one rocks ! Best sound ever. … ndard.html
true, but I already have a Gibson Les Paul standard 60´s sunburst, and as I´ve said above, it´s not made for dropped tunings

@Ty: yeah, choose one too.
@Jensie: Hill Billy? Dixxie?
+40|5194|Centreville, VA
get the les paul, perfect for those as i lay dying riffs and shredding and shit
That guy
You can put humbuckers on Stratocasters. I'm hopefully puttin 2 Seymour Duncan hot rails on my Strat, and yes, they do fit single coil spaces. You can also get Strats that have a humbucker in the bridge, and I believe I've seen some models w/ 2 humbuckers.

Last edited by Swissy201 (2007-06-14 11:22:05)

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+1,137|5329|Hell, p.o box 666

Swissy201 wrote:

You can put humbuckers on Stratocasters. I'm hopefully puttin 2 Seymour Duncan hot rails on my Strat, and yes, they do fit single coil spaces. You can also get Strats that have a humbucker in the bridge, and I believe I've seen some models w/ 2 humbuckers.
Yeah, there is a Fender series "highway one" with a humbucker at bridge position. I´ve also seen a custom with EMG´s, but dont know if this one is aviable here in Germany anymore

Although I´d go for the Gibson personally, I´ll try the LTD EC500 first because I like the low price and when it doesnt fit my needs, well I´ll sell it again. My dealer just told me that it´s not clear if Gibson will supply this series to Germany/Europe, because it´s an limited Edition which so far is only aviable in the US and Japan Hm.
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Find an old Hamer...

Or an old Charvel...
BF2s' little helper
I'd chose the gibson

but consider a washburn

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