Dilbert_X wrote:

Creating new stories is fine, messing around with existing ones - sod off

I mean honestly
DC Comics reveal that latest Superman character is bisexual


What next, shouldn't Gandalf be re-written as a black lady-boy because diversity?
Who. Cares.

How many different official versions of Superman are there now? 10? 100? 1000? *checks notes* Infinite? I understand some of them depart pretty far from the DC norm. What impactful difference is it going to make to generic Superman if one of his infinite selves is bisexual, transexual, or the same species as Howard the Duck? The idea of 100 years of purely OG Superman rehash is like some sort of torturous purgatory for readers and writers alike.

In light of that, slippery sloping into concern over a gay black Gandalf doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Did Tolkien ever expound on the mysterious blue wizards who went east? I bet fans would get just as angry about them being played by black people too. People are so attached to their mental image of fictional characters. I'd be down for whatever if the story is interesting and the acting good.