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How did you obtain photoshop?

Shop lifting FTW!3%3% - 11
Torrent FTW!54%54% - 172
Purchased it-stealing is for arseholes.9%9% - 30
Borrowed from someone else3%3% - 11
Copied someone elses disc7%7% - 25
none of your business!10%10% - 32
Other (explain)11%11% - 35
Total: 316
Truth is my Bitch
+5,695|6085|132 and Bush

Kimmmmmmmmmmmm wrote:

is the student version stripped down?
No it is not. You just have to prove eligibility.
Xbone Stormsurgezz
+1,716|6216|St. Andrews / Oslo

Sounds like I'll have to go DL CS4 then.

because I'm a lazy bastard and cba to google: Are all the CS3 products "upgraded" to CS4, or is it just Photoshop? (eg. Lightroom, Dw, etc)
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+879|6205|Sydney, Australia

Kmarion wrote:

Did you get that for a specific class or are you just taking advantage of the discount?
Cause I could. Lol.

Nar, there are no classes in my Engineering/Commerce degrees that require something like photoshop. However, I had been meaning to upgrade for a while, and I never liked the idea of having an illegal copy.. I mean, if I were ever to sell my photos.. eh.

So since there was a discount on the student price, I jumped on the offer. And yes, I need to do something with Adobe to prove that I'm a student. I'll have to do that later tho, as I've got some intense cramming studying planned for this evening.
I'm a god damn American Jedi

Originally, I torrented CS4 Master Collection and edited my "hosts" file so that it doesn't try to send information to Adobe. Now, I have CS4 on all my machines at home and if I ever do a clean re-install, I just download the trial version from Adobe, install it, edit hosts file, and use a keygen the first time I open the program.

Is mine legal? No.

If anyone needs a key, let me know...
I hope Hell has wi-fi.
+150|4943|Yeah, there :)
Torrent FTW
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be nice
+2,646|5937|The Twilight Zone
Using CS4 portable now. Wow I really like the tabs which were missing in CS3. Impressed so far
I'm a god damn American Jedi

Yes, but how did you obtain it!?
be nice
+2,646|5937|The Twilight Zone
I can't really see myself purchasing PS if each year a new version is released with so many better functions. Or does Adobe offer upgrades?

They do but, even the upgrades are expensive.
+718|6005|Austin, Texas
I could get CS4 for $200 on student price.

Could I then load it on my mom's PC? If so, she'd totally pay for it I bet. Are there any restrictions on it besides proving you're a student?
I'm a god damn American Jedi

I originally bought Macromedia MX 2004 Suite (before it was bought out by Adobe) for $250 US and the Adobe CS1 Suite for $650 when I was in college. The problem is.... the educational versions are stripped down and don't come with all the fancy extras that the other packages do. Basically, it's like buying the base model of your favorite car with manual transmission, no power windows, no alarm, generic upholstery, and plastic hubcaps that look like the real alloy rims.

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever pay the price for an Adobe product again unless I get it as a gift or so cheap I found it at the dollar store. Not to mention, the updates are never free and 3 to 4 years from now, your product will be so outdated that it'll be like using paint.exe compared to the latest and greatest edition of Photoshop.

Overall, I would torrent it if I were you. I'm a member of a private torrent community, but I think I'm allowed to send out invites if need be. I'll check into it and let you know.


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