I just now saw the post below on the same topic. Sorry. Please feel free to read this one too, though.

This is solely my opinion; if anyone disagrees, please discuss.

I got on early yesterday to play the new maps. I played strictly as recon for three reasons:

1. I wanted to view the whole battlefield and get a full view of traffic flow and chokepoints.

2. I'm trying to log recon hours.

3. I had a feeling that new maps would mean a lot of people NOT looking around for snipers. Seems I was right; while a bunch of people took in the new breathtaking scenery, They got a flechette round in the noggin. My K/D ratio improved substantially.


GOLIATH-- This bitch is just NASTY. It's slow, but holy jeez, the firepower on this thing is immense. For vehicle whores, this thing is a dream. That's not to say it's without it's flaws, however;

In open maps, this vehicle is really handy. However, in crowded places, it's easily backed into a corner, and it's threat level decreases substantially. If assaulted by engineers from a safe distance and further pinned by motion mines, it doesn't last long. Also, if you put in some recon guys with active camo and rdx, the generators are gone pretty quickly. If you take this thing down, you can rest pretty easy for about 2 minutes. Then it's rinse/repeat time.

Also, the driver's guns are not that effective. You're not going to take down a walker with a scatter gun and a motion mine launcher. The passenger guns are highly adequate at removing infantry, so make sure you've got some people on them. This is NOT a one-man show. The only issue I found is that the guns on this thing are pretty limited on range. You've got to be close, or you're going to miss a LOT. Also, don't be shy about asking your commander for a supply crate, as your ammo tends to disappear rapidly, especially in the plasma cannon thingies.

HACHIMOTO-- This little hot rod is mean. That passenger grenade launcher is really nice for cutting down squads, and is extremely effective at dislodging infantry from entrenchment or basic cover. However, I noticed two major issues:

Much like the hovertank, the Hachimoto is not real good at moving around obstacles. If you bump into something, be it a streetlight, debris, or a squirrel, you're stuck in neutral, which makes you a perfect target for even the slowest engineer.

Also, while the grenade launcher is a really nice red team killer, you have t have a driver who understands the importance of quick movement. I popped off several guys who stood still too long. Also, while it's tempting, I would not suggest soloing in this vehicle, as you are again staying still, as as your armor basically consists of aluminum foil, best to hit and run. Also, my suggestion is to NOT fire the grenade launcher rapd-fire style, as you'll overheat in a hurry. Pop them off one at a time, take some time to focus, and I think you'll do a lot better.


This was the first map I played, and it's not my favorite, but it has its merits. For those unaware, this map is DARK. The sky is a very dark blue, which is a nice change from the orange and white we have come to expect. Walkers tend to be major pwnmobiles here, provided they have adequate cover. This map would be excellent for convoy style play, as long as you don't get pinned or trapped in a chokepoint.

This map is kind of meh for recon guys. While there are numerous locations for sniping, you're very visible. There are some nice nooks and crannies to hide in, but your kill zone is extremely limited. If you plan to snipe, find somewhere on the ground and stay there. I hit a bunch of headshots, but as people become more familiar with the map, I expect that number to go down.

Liepzig has a real sense of dread and foreboding, which is nice. There is nothing happy about this map. THis map is very well suited for assault class and engineers, but support would also be vital for the obvious resupply. The shotgun fanatics would have a good time here too, especially in the hallways and around the control points.


Wow...this one is weird, but in a good way. Most people know this, but the EU is assaulting the PAC, and the only way to get into the base is with the army of APCs provided. I saw this battle from both team's viewpoints, and there is something to be said for watching a full brigade of APCs coming your way. The little guys popping out almost look like fireworks. Until you shoot them the minute they land, that is. And as EU, trying to get into this base and not get tagged on landing is both frustrating and challenging, which is nice. Luckily for the EU, there are three distinct landing zones, so just hop you picked the one least defended.

APM whores will have a field day here, especially the PAC guys waiting patiently for the pods to land. Snipers will also like this one, as there are tall buildings galore. My advice to the snipers is, however, NOT to park your can on one of these, because it really is kind of obvious what you're up to. The hillsides are excellent for long range work, so find you one of those.

Every class has a function here, but I found that engineers are at a slight disadvantage. In Liepzig, the actual infantry firefights take place within enough range that your submachine gun is actually a good choice. On this map, engineers are a bit stuck out, as they really need their Pilums or rockets to remove the ever popular walkers, and of course, the Goliath.

This is not a map for camping. Constant relocation is a must, and this applies to the snipers too. Also, some sneaky things I did:

As PAC, once all theEU APCs hit their marks, I parachuted down and hopped in each one, denying them to the EU guys. When they started trudging their way back toward them, I either sniped them or gave them a 15-second timeout with the APC's grenade launcher. This tended to make people mad, so I stopped doing that and instead spawned as engineer, went to their base and mined it, then waited patiently until an apc almost hit their mark. One rocket in the butt and four more kills later, I spawned as recon and killed their assets, got resupplied when their commander dropped a crate, and started systematically placing explosives on the APCs. MInd you , there was NO spawnraping here; I waited until the enemy was well away from their base before I blew them up.

The advantage here assuredly goes to the PAC; they're well entrenched, they have the benefit of the ticket clock, and their base is spread out enough that even if a point is taken, they can easily defend the next one and reclaim the lost one. The EU has to either be very coordinated or have some real twitch kings to take the last base.

This map reminds me a lot of Iron Gator from BF2SF, and in a way, Karkand as well. You're storming the beach at Normandy, except the beach is frozen.


Oh man....this map is just EPIC.

The advantage is again to the PAC, as they have the base covered to begin with. This map is a sniper's dream. Not only do you have numerous spots to snipe from on the bridge, but when the EU inexorably takes the bridge point, you can move elsewhere and keep on removing helmets. I found the Goliath to be rather effective on this map, especially in the inital assault against the bridge. However, in that same regard I saw several Goliaths get destroyed in the same location, as there are just too many places for a sneaky recon guy to hide and wait.

Unlike Bavaria, the EU really does stand a fighting chance here. Once the bridge is taken, if coordinated squads spread out and take different points, the dynamics of this battle can change dramatically. Support can really shine here, if they can establish a decent chokepoint machine gun nest. Stay away from the shotgun here, though; way too spacious a map for the shotty to be effective. Assault guys are vital, too, especially in the medic role.... if only more assault guys actually USED THE FREAKING DEFIBRILATORS ON OCCASION!!!!

The Hachimoto is pretty useful on this map, as the majority of the players are running around trying to just stay alive. Again, the hoverbike does have its limitations here, especially in the area right around the bridge.

It sounds like I'm totally in favor of the PAC, but that's not the case. Due to the nature of the expansion pack's storyline, the PAC just happens to have an advantage until the EU gets it together and sweeps them off the map. It's anyone's game after that.


I didn't get a chance to play much Titan on these maps, but I did notice a couple of things:

Of course, the actual onboard Titan combat is the same as always. I recently unlocked the RDX shotgun, and while I have heard some complaining about it's effectiveness, I found the sticky bombs to be excellent vent cleaners. For some reason, people like to bunch up in those things, and if you pop a couple of those sweet little sticky bombs up there, you're at bare minimum going to rack up some kill assists. I love that thing, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how wrong they are.

The titan matches really felt about the same as usual, just with different scenery. There are some nice additions in the way of location and basic silo asault tactics, but really, it feels about the same for me. If you saw any significant difference, please elaborate.

These maps were built for Assault lines, in my opinion, and Assault Lines is kinda fun. Once you get the hang of it, it really feels like you have a tangible goal. While the tams I played on never actually finished the assault, it's a cool feeling to keep pushing for that goal.


In conclusion, I feel the maps are a good addition to the game, if for no other reason thn the fact that they give as something new to look at. I was getting kind of tired of Suez Canal. PLus, the badges are insanely easy to earn, even the Gold Levels, which means more toys. The ribbons are a little harder, but they're fun in their own right to try to pick up.

Each class has something to contribute, and as players become more familiar with the layout and process for each map, I imagine a lot of mean and nasty ways for people to kill their enemy with great efficiency. If you have the booster pack, then please feel free to comment. If you don't, I highly recommend it. IT's like 10 bucks anyway, so you're not losing much if you hate all the new stuff.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long diatribe. Let's talk about this stuff. What do y'all think?

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and you gotta love the speeders
they are fast and are good against everything
the driver has plasmaguns (or something)
the gunner has a mortar and tv missiles (but most people don't know about the tv missiles yet)
a good driver/gunner team can take out almost everything even a goliath
+1,352|6576|N. Ireland
I'm not a huge fan of the Goliath but love the Hachi.
POE2 Addict For Life
+21|6667|Vic, Australia
The only flaw I find is that on small servers 16 player or servers with <16 people, the goliath is near industructable without a heap of teamwork. But otherwise it is a f*cking awsome booster pack.
+617|6488|NSW, Australia

wow, anyone who writes that much(and it isnt in d&st) deserves karma +1

it was a good guide aswell

<<<FTDM>>>Gen.Raven wrote:

wow, anyone who writes that much(and it isnt in d&st) deserves karma +1

it was a good guide aswell
I concur
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The maps alone are worth the ten bucks. 

I've been playing assault lines and loving it.
aka Nekrodamus
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Yes, it's fine and worth the money, but the awards are way to easy! Now I have all unlocks again and since assault line time and kills don't count for conquest mode, I'll "have to" go back to vanilla.

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