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miss dugm wrote:

played a round of Remagen, i liked the glacial cityscape.  i wasn't sure if i was seeing apc's or the goliath, i assume the goliath looks quite different from an apc, so..

sort of silly, but i thought the clumped lumps of sloughing snow off of ledges and such was a cool touch.
agreed, the snow effects were pretty cool i thought too. gives a sense of a fresh snowfall.
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So far I give it 8/10.

Not for the unlock, as they don't impact the game that much. But 2 thumbs up for the new maps and play mod.

The night map is great, not as dark as SF maps, just enough to enable you to hide.

The Goliath brings something new to the game, I though people would run away from it. On the contrary, as soon as people hear "New Goliath available", you can see people going for/after it. So the Goliath rarely stay a big factor for long, so you have to make sure you do as much damage as possible we you have one

The new map in Titan mod are more infantry oriented, not that there is less toys around, but when you are not in one, you can hide and still do damage. More then it is now possible on existing Titan map.

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I feel the Goliath is a big pussy mobile. I mean, it's kind of like Snorlax. It can take a lot of shit in terms of damage, but it can't really be a massive offensive weapon. Sure it has the capability to be a big offensive weapon, but the thing moves at -2 Km/h (yes, negative).

I would much rather ride Snorlax into battle.

NoGodsNoMasters wrote:

My first impression was that there is too much shit in too small of spaces. While trying to maneuver around while in gun battles and such I kept getting hung up on curbs, or spaces where the ceiling and floor are too close together and I get stuck. Having to do too much jumping just to get around and over stuff.

The first map I played was walker & engineer madness. Motion mines EVERYWHERE.

What did you think?
Is it worth the ten bucks?

The impression of the Goliath is skewed by my prejudgment of how invincible I thought it would be. It is not as big as I envisioned it first off. Secondly it is much harder to kill then any other vehicle. I think success lies in those that are not in it to protect it; which is good because it keeps making teamwork crucial to survival.

Speeders f&*king rock!

The maps are fantastic, certainly worth the $10.

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Yeah I thought the Goliath would be bigger then it is but its still bad ass

Maps are kick ass - just like jsnipy said "certainly worth the $10."
absolutely worth the 10 dollars...

In fact I get to collect 10 dollars from my son this weekend cause he saw me playing last night and now he wants a copy.
+2,187|6116|Mountains of NC

SGT_Squirtle wrote:

In fact I get to collect 10 dollars from my son this weekend cause he saw me playing last night and now he wants a copy.
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Grrr!!! I can't solo those damn walkers by myself with the Pilum alone!  And I've had many a kill stolen by some bastard who happened to be camping in the rail gun turret while *I* was getting my ass shot at left and right.

Only problem with goliath: hard to kill the rail gun turrets from the drivers' seat, and I dunno if the pulse cannons have enough splash to do the job.
Ice Cold Killa
+26|5992|Perth, W.A, Australia.
is it possible to buy it from the store?
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Ice Cold Killa wrote:

is it possible to buy it from the store?
You can  buy EALink codes at the store. That way you don't need to use a credit card. Don't worry about DLing it, it is olny 160mbs and shouldn't take more than half an hour.
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Overall, I'm pretty impressed. All of the maps that I've played, excluding the few Titan modes, were 64 player maps. And they were pretty damn big, excluding Port Bavaria which is just a bit smaller. So far, I've earned a couple Assault Line Attack pins, the Gold Arctic Combat Badge, a Vehicle excellence badge or two (can't remember if I only have bronze, or if I got silver) as well. I think I have the Operation Snowflake ribbon, but I don't remember. So, as a Field Commissar Silver, I have more items unlocked than a Field Commissar Silver without Northern Strike. Yay for me. I'm not going to talk about the unlocks, as that's been discussed many times. Also...for some reason, the Cold Front Unit Service ribbon hasn't been awarded to me, even though I've met the requirements multiple times. Big surprise there.

My only complaint so far is how easy it is to get killed while in the speeder. I'm not talking about the speeder getting destroyed easily, I'm talking about some lucky bastard placing several very well placed shots while I'm driving. I can't count the number of times that I've died while my gunner was still alive. That's not a fault on DICE's part, just something that's frustrated me a bit. I've gotten killed less while gunning opposed driving.

Also, you get an unlock every time you get one of the new awards. What doesn't happen though is the option to pick your unlock at the end of the round. For some reason, it just doesn't show up. So...after playing for a while and earning multiple awards, I was starting to think that you only got an unlock when you recieved the Gold badge instead of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. After a session, I disconnected from the game and noticed at the main menu that I had several unused unlocks. So...for whatever reason, you do earn unlocks for every award (excluding the pin), but you won't be able to choose them unless you go to the main menu and pick them there. Not a big deal, just something I've noticed.

The last thing I should mention, which I'm sure many are already aware of, the EA Stats page hasn't been updated to include the Northern Strike content. Wonder how long it'll take EA to remedy that.
I've played NS three times now.

First time went ok, didn't know my way around the maps very well but it went decent.

Second time went even better, almost toook out a Goliath but at least ended up with gold medal and a solid KD.

Third time I managed to
* Spawn on a transport where the pilot bails (x3)
* Spawning in front of a Goliath (x2)
* Getting killed by the otus when deploying it (x4)

I disconnected in disgust and haven't played it since.
+20|6248|Chch, New Zealand
I played it nearly non stop for the 1st weekend (here) that it came out, Got into top 10 in world for dirving the Goliath, thats right top 10 from driving it

To be honnest it was pretty cool for the 1st few days, now im bored to death of it, Im back to playing city maps in vanilla.

The speeders are cool, but you get shot out easily, and lots of people don't know how to drive them, or line up the gunner.

Also no one ever goes comander so you have no idea what is going on, And the badges and ribbons are too easy, I have nothing to aim for anymore, so i've given up.

Was it still worth the $10?? Yeah it was as it was great fun for the 1st 2 days, I'll only play it now when clan mates bully me too.
+305|6146|Cheshire. UK
Well..I must admit...EA/Dice have a winner ...bloody good fun.....except..I noticed that in the frist couple of days all the servers were full of high rankers medal, Badge and pin collecting teamwork whatsoever..... anyway seems to have calmed down now...Assault lines is great well Titan ...but overall I'm impressed....this coming from a guy that refused to buy 2142 because of the advertising they were going to put in......good job the wife bought it me for Christmas   

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It's christmas in the UK now?!
+519|6169|Gold coast, Aus.

Sambuccashake wrote:

It's christmas in the UK now?!
Yea, in Australia too.
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+874|6223|Canberra, AUS
Fantastic on first impression. This is what the battlefield series should be.

Oh, and rorsch > goliath. Don't forget that the panels (if you hit them) give you a destroy point.
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2142th Whore
goliath with 4 engineers + 1 support inside it = gg
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+874|6223|Canberra, AUS
Unless you're in a rorsch, and the goliath is 100m away = gg. They fire a helluva lot faster than you think, and you can always hit the engineers.
The paradox is only a conflict between reality and your feeling what reality ought to be.
~ Richard Feynman
Some people know about the TV missile some don't. Otherwise i just take the vechile and drive to a alley and hop in on the secondary gun tower and wait for a vechile to come forward. Walkers should fear the missiles

maps are pretty damn good. Unlocks are nothing special. There were hundreds of suggestions on forums that were way better than smoke grenade with radar WTF. Or decoy...

Speeder is good but ironically its best at long range TV missile sniping. Goliath with smart driver is formidable.

But biggest disappointment is the damn Assault Lines. I mean you can still take flags in any order you want except the last one. And there is no way that 32 players can defend 6 flags at the same time. So you again have the entire team on the first and maybe the second flag, and rest of the flags are undefended.
I was hoping for proper assault lines

Overall I decided not to buy it.
I suspect something is amiss
only played an hour or 2 unfortunely with a fresh soldier and no unlucks sucks big time, i had high expectations but honestly was a bit dissapointed. The maps are ok though i prefer all the citymaps in 2142 over them.

Agree with the Assault Lines what the hell where they thinking? the only way to actually even get to the last flag and start the real assault is to have unbalanced teams..

Cant really say to much about the maps since playing engineer without unlocks sucks.
I beta tested it and i have to admit i really enjoyed it.

Of course, people tends to abuse them and get tired of it soon (after all, it's only 3 maps) That's what happened to me. the trick is to mix it up and you got a winner!

As everybody already said; unlocks aren't really hot. But the maps on the other end are GREAT. DICE seems to polish themself as level design with years. That makes me wonder for BF3 (wich i hope will be a 1942 return!)

Worth 10$ no problem with that!
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yes, i often destroy a fully charged w/ all panels with a few rorsch shots, zoomed of course. once, i got all 3 destruction points and all 5/5 kills lol.

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