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First ill explain the problem.

When at uni I am trying to play bf2 in some spare time. However even though I can connect into my account, after about 2 minutes when I join a server I instantly get connection problems. My ping starts off fine and at one point I changed the FPS to 5 and it stopped the connection problems temporarily. So that the problem.

My uni has a stupidly fast connection speed. Dls of up to 500kbs, thats on our restricted speeds lol. The ports clearly arent blocked as I connected in the first place.

So im asking you guys if you know anyways to change ingame settings like in other games to lower my ping or resolve these connection problems. Thanks.

Joke solution: Tell everyone at your uni to stop streaming porn.

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lol. That aint it. We have a LAN program that allows us to do that easily anyway.
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lan is for gay porn so that doesnt count
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I think I found your problem: "When at uni I am trying to play bf2...". If you keep doing that you'll take as long to finish your degree as I did. Don't ask....

Anyway, have you tried any other similar games, and do you have similar problems with them?
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My friend can play wolfenstein ET, he changed some ingame settings with the console because at first it had similar problems to bf2.

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