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I was watching a movie the other day were they switched a guy's ammo for blanks.

What I wanted to know is:

1)  Are blanks real?

2).  Can you tell the difference when shooting?

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+60|5583|Bournemouth Uni
Blanks are "real" but they are just casings and powder, no bullet though

No, thats why in movies they use Blanks or i supose you could use blanks to make someone believe your firing live rounds

Although Blanks are still dangerous due to the air velocity it puts out at certain close ranges i think
+581|5314|New York
1. yes

2. i believe they are everything except the bullet, so probably not. the explosive force is emulated by blanks, so that it makes the noise, causes the same amount of recoil and creates the same muzzle flash.

An experienced shooter would be able to detect the difference between the recoil of a live round and the less significant recoil of a blank cartridge, and thus would be fully aware as to whether or not they had fired a lethal round.
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Heggs is right. You can tell when your firing a live or blank round. The recoil is greater from propelling the bullet. The gas travels behind the round and escapes with a larger force than the blank round with is just a bang and lights round.  They are still dangerous though and can kill you or burn you.
+1,452|5319|The Gem Saloon
ya there is a definite difference in recoil with blanks. i wish all guns shot like they had blanks in them.........and ya tucker is right, powder burns are some nasty motherfuckers.
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+50|5256|teh alien spaceshit
1. Blanks are real
2. I believe there is more muzzle flash when shooting blank, and the sound is different. The recoil is also different.

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